Cincinnati Reds 2009 season

In an offseason where I thought the Reds had some cash money to spend on a big bat, they have called off the dogs and said they have reached their payroll limit.  Let’s see what additions were made this offseason…(2008 stats)

Ramon Hernandez- .257  15 HR  65 RBI

Willy Taveras-  .251  1HR  26 RBI  68 SB

Arthur Rhodes-  35 ip  4-1  40 K  2.04 ERA

Jonny Gomes-  .182  8 HR  21 RBI  8 SB

And they brought back the likes of……

David Weathers-  69 ip  4-6  46 K  3.25 ERA

Mike Lincoln-  70 ip  2-5  57 K  4.48 ERA

Jerry Hairston Jr.- .326  6 HR  36 RBI  15 SB

There is no way in hell the Reds are going to compete in the NL Central this season.  I am dumbfounded as to why Walt didn’t go after Bobby Abreu for a one year deal, or even Ben Sheets.  I really wish he would have just offered Manny a one year deal for about 30 million bucks.  The Reds would make the money from his contract back in ticket sales alone.  You know there would be a bunch of Manny pariphinelia sold as well.

So, right now let’s go around the diamond and look at the squad:

Hernandez, Votto, B Phil, A Gonz/Kepp/Hairston, Edwin, Dickerson/Gomes, Taveras, Bruce

Our rotation is Harang, Volquez, Arroyo, Cueto, and Micah Owings

Obviously this team has potential to do some damage.  The pitching staff is actually pretty solid.  If they were to sign Ben Sheets to the 2 year 16 million dollar deal he is looking for (which is cheap as balls), our rotation would be sick.  Hopefully some of the young talent we have in the minors get hot quick and come up to make a difference because our SS and LF positions are looking kind of iffy.

Here’s to another 5th/6th place finish………..


One Response

  1. Weathers was a good contract to keep

    Taveras is a leadoff guy possibility

    and I like Hairston

    Everyone else is garbage-I agree

    Dunn is still available…

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