What is RtW about?

We write about: Sports. Women. Fantasy Sports. Current Events…and we make fun of people.  ROCKtheWristband is a funny name, right?  Well, this blog got its name from a typical night in college.  A couple of friends started having some words and next thing you know, The Hustle is wanting to fight.  Nobody was gonna get hurt, cause he wanted a Free Style Rap Battle against the house champ.  Next thing we knew, we were all witnesses to the single greatest line ever said by man before: “you masturbate so much, that’s why you rock the wristband.”  What does that mean?  Your guess is as good as ours.  But all we know is that it was golden.  The moral of the story, don’t get caught up in a heated rap battle with The Hustle, or he will call out your masturbation habits which will explain why you wear wristbands.  For the record, The Hustle came out of that battle on the losing end, despite that outstanding line.   So there you have it, the story behind the name.


One Response

  1. where can i get a sweet wristband with our great state on it? please say you have a cafepress or something

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