Trading the Gorilla Press for a Machete

For my money, the Ultimate Warrior is the best wrestler of all time. I mean did you see him take The Pedigree and get right back up? No one survives the pedigree. And actually, I thought the Warrior was dead and gone like T.I. and JT. But thanks to our friends over at SPORTSbyBROOKS for pointing out that he’s still shaking the shit out of those ropes.

Turns out the Warrior has his own website. If that front page doesn’t get you fired up, check your pulse. Of course, UW has his own blog too, called the Warrior’s Machete.  In his blog, the ultimate one doesn’t pull any punches. In recent posts, he’s referred to Michael Jackson as a “drug-soused entertainment freak” and stated that we’re living, “under the watchful, vigilante eye of the Marxist Obama regime.” But what else do you expect from a blog that functions under the slogan, “Ockham had his Razor. He Shaved with Delicacy. I Sever with Blunt Force.”


Good for Jeremy Jarmon

UK Defensive End Jeremy Jarmon will enter the NFL’s supplemental draft on July 16th.

This is such good news. Jarmon is gonna get a good chance to play for a good team. RtW wishes him the best.

P.S. Anyone seen the Kid or Homebody lately? Homebody is our primary soccer correspondent, but I guess nothing important in U.S. soccer has happened lately, has it?

Tiger Woods only plays 7 tournaments, still highest paid athlete by 2.5x

tiger woods

Michael Jordan used to say that he had become a brand, not a person. Michael Jordan played basketball. Air Jordan made him the greatest ever.

Well, it seems like Tiger Woods was listening.

Despite an 8 month layoff and only competing in 7 events in the last year, Tiger Woods still topped list of highest paid athletes. Not only does he top the list, but he blasts the competition out of the sand, earning 2.5 times the next highest earner.

Tiger missed a number of tournaments after his one-legged win last year at Torrey Pines for the U.S. Open. Knee surgery also eliminated his overseas appearance fees. Oh yeah, and Buick pulled out of their contract with Tiger a year early because of the Chrysler debacle. But because of Nike, Tiger Gatorade, and AT&T — whose logo now resides on Tiger’s bag where the Buick logo used to be — Tiger still pulled in a staggering $110 million. Oh yeah, and now he has his own golf course design business.

Tied for 2nd on the list with a paltry $45 million in income are Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Kimi Raikkonen (highest paid Formula 1 driver). Rounding out the top 10 are Beckham ($42 million), Lebron, Phil Mickelson, Manny Pacquaio ($40 million each), motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi ($35 million), and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. ($34 million). A-Rod ranked 13th.

I think it’s safe to say Tiger has made himself into a brand.

High school baseball phenom Bryce Harper to leave school early


Smart guy. Honestly, he really is.

Bryce is 16-years-old and is leaving high school early to prepare himself for a major league baseball career. At first look, people are gonna bash this kid and say that he’s so stupid and he needs to get an education. Well, actually, that’s kinda the point of him leaving.

Bryce is dropping out of school, only to obtain his GED, so that he can enroll early in community college. Which means he’s actually dropping out of school to get a BETTER education, and in the process face better competition. So now Bryce will have two years of college under his belt when he’s drafted number one overall (most likely by the Nationals).

This is the road less taken and I totally give Bryce and his dad, Ron, props because they are actually setting Bryce up to be better prepared for a life in professional sports. Now, I would be totally against this if the kid were any less talented, but when you’re 16 and you can out hit 95% of Major Leaguers right now, you can do this.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see Bryce yet, check him out here, here, and here. His bat speed is un-freakin’-believable. Notice the little knee jerk he has as a timing mechanism. That’s actually an extra hitch he has developed in his swing to slow down his body, but not his hands. In the last video, you can see how he launches himself off his back foot at every pitch, and his back foot comes completely off the ground, a la Frank Thomas.

He’s a catcher, shortstop, and a pitcher right now. He’s great defensively too, but I doubt that he’d ever be used as a catcher in the bigs. He’ll probably stick to short, third, or outfield on his short trip through the minors. He puts some serious torque on his shouler with his pitching motion, so he’s probably better served simply as a closer throughout “college” to save him any future arm troubles.

The Kid is putting Bryce Harper on his fantasy watch list right now.

Awesome Day

Sarcasm… Two bad things happened today.

  1. Jodie Meeks-  One of my Top 5 favorite UK Basketball players has decided to forego his Senior year and enter the NBA Draft.  This hurst on multiple levels.  Jodie was the 1st player I ever followed during the recruiting process.  While he looked nothing like what I imagined, he was a pure shooter just like I thought.  It also hurst because with him, UK would have been a been a sure fire Final Four team.  Now, we have no real outside threat and that scares me.  We will still be alright without him, but it would have been nice to have him.
  2. USA Soccer- I root for the US, but they have never been and never will be my favorite team.  That title belongs to the Netherlands.  The US played defending World Cup Champion, Italy today in the Confederations Cup.  The US went up 1-0 on a p.k. but ended up getting beat 3-1.  Tim Howard is supposed to be a beast keeper, but he got beat twice on 35+ yard shots today.  One of which was shot by Giuseppe Rossi.  He would later score again.  Funny thing is, he is AMERICAN.  Born in New Jersey.  Maybe Howard just had a bad day, but still, you can’t have those against teams like Italy.  Here are reason why I hate that I care about the US Soccer Team:

Uniforms are gross.

Our ‘best’ player is the most over-rated player in the world.

Can’t keep U.S. talent in the U.S.

-No flash at all.  Boring Soccer.

-Won’t play young players and let them learn on the fly like the better countries.

-Always a disappointment.

-I’m sure there are more, but I can’t think of any at the moment…



Next up for the Red, White, and Blue?  BRAZIL!  Should be a laugher.

Oh yeah, my Kickball Team did win the company championship today, so that’s one good thing.


The Ball Kickers

The Ball Kickers

I am so excited…


yay, lakers won. i can hardly contain myself.  kobe is the best player in the history of the world to get away with raping someone.

Something neat…

I didn’t know that the little girl (Enola) from Waterworld is the same chick (Deb) from Napoleon Dynamite.

waterworld enoladeb