I see you Two Two…

As The Kid pointed out in the previous post, 22 is doing it for me as well.  And when a female is lookin good, what does any respectable blogger do?  Google and Facebook her.  Not much luck on Facebook, but I was able to find a few via Google.  Her name is Meghan Gardler and she is a 6’0 Junior.  Enjoy the best thing about women’s sports, hot female athletes.

I can’t believe there is a “highlight” video of her on youtube, hilarious…


Courtney Paris is now poor

The sexiest woman in college hoops, Courtney Paris, better get that pocketbook out.  She owes Oklahoma around 60 grand.  Sucks to be you.

Angela Phillips spotting

I found this video of our girl Angela Phillips while watching YouTube videos of UK’s glory days.   You know Kelenna tapped that.

Claudia Lampe Porras

She played ball at UTEP, averaging a powerful 3 points and 2 boards.  Who cares if she sucks, she can post me up anytime she wants to.

She is 6’2”, and from her facebook pictures, BRINGING IT!!!!!

She is now in Europe playing ball/modeling.  She keeps poking me on Facebook, immature.

Tamara Albade Diaz

Introducing Tamara Albade Diaz.  She only played one year at Lamar before going overseas to play in Spain.  I think she was born there so it makes sense.  She stands 6′4”, but isn’t manly looking like most girls that height are.  Obviously, from the pictures below, her legs are her best feature.

Let me know what you all think, and let me know if you think she is hotter than Angela Phillips or not.

Angela Phillips

If you know anything about me, you know I find nothing sexier than a chic that can hoop.  So, in spirit of the season, whenever I see a hot women’s basketball player, I am going to throw some pics up of her.

The first girl I am going to show off is former UK point guard, Angela Phillips.  She transferred to Indiana State, ruining any interest I had whatsoever in UK Hoops (not UK women’s basketball).  She stands 5’5”, she’s petite, has a sick jumper, but from stalking her on Facebook, there is a one in a billion chance she is into white guys.  “So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance….”

Alright, enjoy!  Let me know what you all think in the comments….