Three Point Shooting In Rupp, So Easy, A Caveman Can Do It

Ever since the Crispin Brothers came into Rupp and lit it up, Rupp Arena has been a shooter’s delight for opposing players.  It does not matter, whether it’s Tubby, Billy G, or Coach Cal at the helm.  In fact, with Coach Cal, it has become much worse.  After Winbush and complany lit it up like nobody’s business, everyone seemed to believe that that was a fluke.  When Allmond missed his first shot, things seemed to turn to normal.  Allmond, then proceeded to hit eight three point shots, including a double pump three pointer toward the end the half.  Allmond knocks down 11 three point shots, scoring 37 points, eclipsing his career high by 12 points.  Winbush shoots 80 percent, scoring 26, while eclipsing his previous career high by 10.  He had set a new career high in the first half.  This has happened numerous times in the most overrated venue in basketball.  This is the third time in four home games that the opposing team has hit at least 11 three point shots. 

Players that have scored career highs in Rupp:

Corey Allmond (Sam Houston)-37 points
Nick Winbush (Miami)-26 points
Nick Calathes (Florida)-33 points
Phil Turner (Miss State)-18 points
Paul Graham (Florida Atlantic)-31 points
Travis Holmes (VMI)-30 points
Brandon Johnson (San Diego)-27 points
Mike Ginty (San Diego)-18 points
Danny Green (UNC)-20 points
Grayson Flittner (Gardner Webb)-22 points (was a coming out party game for him)
Tre Kelly (South Carolina)-36 points
Arizona Reid (High Point)-29 points
Jamareo Davidson (Alabama)-28 points
Chris Lofton (Tennessee)-31 points
Rayshawn Terry (UNC)-25 points

Other players who hit at least 5 threes in Rupp:

Adam Leonard (EKU) 6-6
Ryan Bogan (Longwood)-6-12
James Life (UMASS) 6-13
JaJuan Smith (Tennessee) 5-11
Chris Warren (Ole Miss) 5-12

Teams who have hit at least 9 threes in Rupp:

North Carolina (2006) 10-23
South Carolina (2006) 11-26
Arkansas (2006) 9-16
Tennessee (2006) 10-26
EKU (2007) 10-24
Houston (2007) 11-24
Auburn (2007) 9-32
Mississippi State (2007) 9-19
Vanderbilt (2007) 11-22
South Carolina (2007) 12-30
Georgia (2007) 11-31
San Diego (2008) 9-16
Vanderbilt (2008) 9-24