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Welcome to 2009

The Christmas Season and the New Year has generated havoc on the blog.  We will get the ship righted soon after the new year.  Sorry to be such a disappointment.


Lions go 0-16

Lions Packers Football

For those of you who are like me and love witnessing history, then today was a good day.  The Detroit Lions capped off an improbable run and completed a season for the record books.  The one guy I feel sorry for is Calvin Johnson.  He put up Pro Bowl numbers with retards throwing to him.

“Detroit Lions, you are now on the clock.”

Lions Packers Football



Moving to Nashville, could be a little bit til I am able to post again.  The Kid will have to hold it down.

crazy bowl game names

Ahhhh, the bowl season is upon us.  Many people love this time of the year, but I for one despise it.  Why in the hell would I want to watch Wake Forest play Navy for the 2nd time this season?  Even a couple BCS games are jokes!  Alabama is going to destroy the morale of the Utes, and Cincinnati versus Virginia Tech?!?!?!  Wow, worst BCS game in history.

I will give props to the NCAA though on one aspect of the bowl seaosn.  And, that is the ridiculous names given to the bowl games due to the sponsors.  My vote for the worst is the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl.

Here is the list of this years’ bowl games.  Let us know in the comments section which bowl game name is the coolest/dumbest.


woMAN wins long drive competition

man or woman?

man or woman?

So apparently this former man has won the Women’s Long Drive Championships.  Lana Lawless won after hitting the ball 254-yards into a 40 mph headwind.  WOW!  When asked who her idol was, she answered, Ray Finkle.  Obviously people are pissed, next up for trannys, the Olympics!

p.s.  Look at those hands!

Super Trooper

Saw this picture on barstoolsports.com and couldn’t believe they got this picture and we didn’t.  However, I can’t figure out which State Trooper this is.  RtW has 2 favorite State Troopers, so it has to be one of them.  Is it Rabbit or Mop Head?  I knew there was something funny about them, I can’t figure it out, but it has to be one of them…