Keiton Page


I have found a candidate to take over as my favorite non-UK college basketball player of all-time.  He is short, white, and can pop treys;  what more do you want?

Welcome to my heart Keiton Page.  Keiton is 5 feet 10 inches of roundball erotica.   He is a freshman guard for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.  Even the commentators during the Oklahoma/Oklahoma State game tonight couldn’t refrain from comparing him to Travis Ford.

Last year, as a senior for some podunk school in Oklahoma called Pawnee, he averaged 45 points, 7 assists, and 6 steals a game.  In the state championship game, he dropped 54 points with 13 dimes.  I can hardly score 4 times playing pick-up games with 40 year olds.

I think I had a Monster Mash poster that looked like this when I was a kid….except the ball wasn’t inflated because Jamal popped it!

Close enough….


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  1. I love how the state championship game in Oklahoma features two teams with all white guys.

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