So, I just became friends with Corrie Loftin on MySpace.  I found out some more info on her.  First of all, she is still in the running for Paris Hilton’s New BFF.  She is in the Final 6 and she is my pick to win it all.  If she gets booted off, its only because Paris doesn’t want her New BFF to be hotter than her.  Also, some things I have learned from her MySpace page is that she is 23 years old, lives in Dallas, Bi-sexual (that’s cool),  smoker, and drinker.  I still don’t know what the deal is with the two different names, Corrie Loftin and Davin Lexen.  Found some new pictures.


Why don’t you know who Ivon Gaete is?

Basically, she’s the most underused asset ESPN has. She first came to the world’s attention as a huge distraction to coaches and little boys alike during the Little League World Series as a sideline reporter. Evidently, she’s the queen of baseball in Venezuela. Either way, I’m guessing she’s ready to step up to the plate for some real American wood.

Aren’t you guys glad I’m back?


Okay, so its 1:30 in the a.m. on the west coast(4:30am et).  I am just flippin’ channels and I get to MTV where this new reality tv show is on called Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.  I am not a huge fan of reality shows, but I do have a theory that they are usually good for a laugh and some hot females to google.  There is one contestant on this show named Corrie.  She is flat out hot.  I can’t get over how hot she is.  So I google her and come to find out that she goes by two completely different names, Corrie Loftin and Davin Lexen.  I guess “Davin Lexen” has done some Playboy modeling.  So, after some research I find that at least part of my theory is correct when it comes to hot females.  Enjoy the pictures.

If you want some NSFW pictures here they are, or just google her name.

Nadia Bjorlin

Nadia Bjorlin-Taken By; Mikey Cohen-Flashy Media & Design-Oceans12 by mikeycohenflashymedia.

  (HQ) (HQ)

If you haven’t already figured it out…I’m a sucker for dark skin and dark hair.


Found a chic on the internet.  Her name is Holly Weber.  She is in the new movie Tropic Thunder, so I’ll probably have to go see it now.  She was also in that Caveman show, so that might be why she is kind of an unknown.  She is only 23 years old, but only for about another week.  Enjoy!

New Love

She looks like a nice girl, right?



Her name is Rosie Jones. She’s 18. You’re welcome.

Rosie Jones – MySpace