UPDATE! Ashley Russell…

ashley-russell-10Ashley Russell is smoking and our most popular post on RtW.  So since she is so popular I thought I would do an update.  Here is another website with some more links to sites about her.  One bad thing, she is from Indiana.  She is 5’4, which is a major plus for people like me that are vertically challenged.  She is 28 and lives in Nashville.  Time for me to get in my car and find her.

This is her About Me from Rivals ” I am a TV HOST, an ACTRESS, a SPORTS REPORTER, an ENTREPENEUR, a former OWNER and PRESIDENT of AMAX MODEL TALENT AGENCY, a WRITER, a Hoosier and Notre Dame FAN for life, a hard WORKER, a big THINKER, a RISK TAKER, a BELIEVER in God, a loud LAUGHER, a problem SOLVER, a former softball PLAYER and competitive GYMNAST, a SKIER, a TRAVELER, a Led Zeppelin BUFF, an OPTIMIST, a quick LEARNER, a PERFECTIONIST, a DAUGHTER, a SISTER, a COUSIN, a loyal FRIEND, a GODMOTHER, a GROOMSWOMAN, a huge animal ENTHUSIAST, a MIDWESTERN GIRL at heart but a converted SOUTHERN BELLE, a very speedy DRIVER, a movie QUOTER, a scary movie FANATIC, a wine ENTHUSIAST, a seafood LOVER, A party PLANNER, a blessings COUNTER, an vintage record COLLECTOR , a go-GETTER, a proud PET-PARENT, an EXTOVERT, an ORGANIZER, a smart COOKIE, a spiritual SOUL….and an all around nice GIRL.”    I think she went to MTSU.

I also requested to be her friend on MySpace, so if she accepts I should get some more info about her.

Thanks LJ for the heads up on the “Unofficail Fan Club” for Ashley.  Hope this is the one you were talking about.



What a joke! Get ready for the NIT!!!!

Kentucky, after going five and zero in conference play has now dropped two straight.  This time, UK loses to South Carolina 78-77 at Rupp.  Once again, Jodie is guarded closely, still gets 20, and Patterson gets 28, but no one else does anything.   How do you allow South Carolina to shoots 76 times, 28 more times than UK?  UK, once again is too lazy to grab defensive rebounds, as more than half of South Carolina’s were on the offensive end.  They grabbed 18 offensive rebounds!  Also, Kentucky cannot handle the ball worth crap.  21 turnovers, absolutely ridiculous.  It is appalling, how much UK lacks in fundementals.  Also, how do you not get a shot off at the end of the game?  Oh, yeah, its Kentucky, I forgot.  Liggins continues to be retarded, and now Porter, can’t hit a lay-up, I mean what the hell?  Stevenson, usually a good free-throw shooter chokes at the line.  This team is imploding, much like Tennessee.  When Tennessee gets it handed to them against Florida tonight, they will have lost FIVE home games this year.  Gillispie did something that Tubby didn’t, and that was to lose to South Carolina at home.  The Florida Gators will win the SEC, with South Carolina and LSU coming in at second.  Kentucky will be playing on Thursday night in the tournament.  Inexplicable losses in the last two games.

Keep in mind, that Kentucky could lose every game except for Georgia and Tennessee.  They get Mississippi State, Florida, at Arkansas, and at Vanderbilt, for their next four (then they get Tennessee at home, at South Carolina, LSU, Georgia, and at Florida).  UK could lose all four of those games, and if Kentucky continues to play the way that they have been playing, they will.  If this crap continues, never mind the NIT, UK might get the two seed for the……CBI!!!!!

WTF pictures…

Cats and Cocks’ about to get it on

Kentucky and South Carolina are about to hook up in Lexington.  This is a game in which Kentucky SHOULD win, key word, should.  Kentucky SHOULD have beaten Mississippi on Tuesday night, but played like pansies, and lost.  This is a borderline must win game.   Look for Dominic Archie, Devan Downey, Zam Fredrick, and Evaldus Baniulis to have a buffet of wide open three point shots.  This game is in Lexington, and opponents tend to light it up in Rupp Arena.  Look for that foursome to knock down around 15 three point shots.  Hopefully, Kentucky won’t make  Mike Holmes look like a late first round pick in June’s draft, like they did against Terrico and Malcolm White.  Patterson and Stevenson have to play much, much better in order for UK to win this game (hard to play worse than they did on Tuesday night, especially on the defensive end).  Also, Liggins needs to get a brain before he sees another minute.  He should NOT be taking sixteen shots from the field, and he should be making smart plays, and not the fancy BS that we have seen from him.  Kentucky needs a third scorer, because everyone is playing junk defenses against Meeks, and why not?  It has worked well.  Meeks is a good enough player to get 20 points, but someone needs to step up and score.  I like Miller to take that role, but he needs to grow a pair, and TRY to score.  Jorts and Porter should be seeing some time, Porter, although not great is much better than any other point guard UK has right now.  I look for Kentucky to win the game at 3:00 pm on Saturday, but UK better not give up 85 points to South Carolina, or they WILL lose.  If UK loses, it might be time to go to stub hub and look for some NIT tickets.  Maybe we’ll reach the final four of the NIT and play Tennessee!!!!

Jack Frost Reaks Havoc on God’s Country

A winter storm has hit the Great State of Kentucky this week which has left hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians without power.  One of the unfortunate sons is our own, The Kid.  He has no Internet, which is why he has not been posting.  I on the other hand and fine down south in Nashville.  In The Kid’s own words, “I’m trapped in the 60’s at my granny’s house.”  Truer words have never been spoken.  I managed to get The Kid’s Fiance to sneak some pictures of him and send them to me.  So lets check out what the unemployed do when they have no power, shall we?  Join me wont you…



So I have always loved Kurt Warner.  How can you not love a guy that loves to throw the ball 50 times a game and gets angry when he doesn’t attempt a shit ton of passes.  Then there is his back story, bagging groceries and in the Arena League, yada yada yada.  He also was the leader of my fantasy team this year, the Crazyleg Hirsches.  He took me to the ship, but came up a little short in the big game, foreshadowing?  Hall of Famer in my book.  I won’t get into his credentials, just check out this solid and true article by Jason Whitlock.

Kanye West is a douche

Kanye is a bit full of himself.  According to Kanye:

  • He is the voice of this generation.  Which is BS.
  • After appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone with a Crown of Thorns, “I throw up historical subjects in a way that makes kids want to learn about them,” West claimed, “I’m definitely in the history books already.”
  • In 2006 at the Grammy’s, West said he would “really have a problem if he didn’t win the Album of the Year.”
  • On November 2, 2006, when he failed to win Best Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards, West went onto the stage as the award was being presented to the winner and argued that he should have won the award instead.

I hate myself for liking some of his songs, but I can’t help it.  But now Mr. West has said that he wants to be known as “Martin Louis the King Jr.”  This is not a joke.  I heard this on the radio on 107.5 The River in Nashville.  I’m not sure if he is legally changing his name or if he just wants to be called that.  According to The River, he wants to be called this because he looks up to both Martin Luther King Jr. and  Louis Vuitton.

Sweet mullet... what a tool

Sweet mullet dude... what a tool