Best Shirt Ever?


Is this the best shirt ever or what?


Where can I buy this shirt?

Where can I buy this shirt?



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Reds shut out Astros, 3-0

The Reds got their third shutout victory of the season.  Yeah, that’s right, THREE.  That is pretty impressive to hear as a Reds fan.  Last year, it took them until September 17th to get their one and only shutout.

Edinson Volquez looked like an f*ing stud tonight.  When his gas has pin-point control, and his changeup is on, you can’t beat him.  He struck out 6 over 8 innings, which is the longest outing so far in his career.  After getting off to a worrisome slow start, he has gone for 19 innings and 20 K’s with a 1.89 ERA.  That’s what I like to hear.

Adam Rosales got the start at third and made an immediate impact.  He went 1-2 with a walk and 2 RBI.  The guy also showed that he has a cannon.  Laynce Nix got the nod in left, and continued to be productive at the plate.  I swear this guy sees around 6 or 7 pitches every time he grabs a bat.  Going 2-3 with a RBI, and raising your batting average to .310 makes it harder for Dusty to keep you out of the lineup.

Day off tomorrow — Buccos on Friday

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Hard Knocks

HBO will be following the day-to-day drinking of the Cincinnati Bengals this year.  Mike Brown better hope his players turn into pussies in front of the camera and actually become accountable for their actions.

But there is no arguing that this isn’t a great fit for HBO.  The biggest bunch of thugs, and the biggest prima donna outside of Terrell Owens, will make this season of Hard Knocks extremely exciting to watch.

Shadow Hare

Here at RtW, we want our readers to feel like a family.  So, we have decided to introduce our readers to each other, well at least for today.  Introducing one of our most loyal viewers, Lord Sarvas.  He is better known around the region as Shadow Hare.  Here is a little video that will help introduce Mr. Hare a little better.

There is a God

Well, the Reds have placed Edwin Encarnacion on the DL with a case of blowing a bone chip fracture in his wrist.  The Reds are calling up Adam Rosales to take his spot.

I believe all you Reds fans out there owe me a big “thank you” because Walt Jocketty obviously reads this site.

Thanks to our loyal reader Drewsche for the tip.

Thats how you throw to first, Edwin

That's how you throw to first, Edwin

Mark Sanchez

The Jets are going to blow.  Mark Sanchez was no doubt the best quarterback in this draft (Matt Stafford blows), but there is no way in hell this guy is the savior at QB that everyone in the nation thinks he is.  My first piece of evidence, his first pitch from last night’s game against the Marlins.  Yeah yeah, I understand it’s important not to bounce the ball, but it is also important to throw the ball harder than my Granny Jean.  Throw the ball like a man.


GJ Vilarino

The former UK signee has decided to go to Gonzaga.  Good move on his part — he will be a fan favorite before you know it with that lefty stroke.