Trading the Gorilla Press for a Machete

For my money, the Ultimate Warrior is the best wrestler of all time. I mean did you see him take The Pedigree and get right back up? No one survives the pedigree. And actually, I thought the Warrior was dead and gone like T.I. and JT. But thanks to our friends over at SPORTSbyBROOKS for pointing out that he’s still shaking the shit out of those ropes.

Turns out the Warrior has his own website. If that front page doesn’t get you fired up, check your pulse. Of course, UW has his own blog too, called the Warrior’s Machete.  In his blog, the ultimate one doesn’t pull any punches. In recent posts, he’s referred to Michael Jackson as a “drug-soused entertainment freak” and stated that we’re living, “under the watchful, vigilante eye of the Marxist Obama regime.” But what else do you expect from a blog that functions under the slogan, “Ockham had his Razor. He Shaved with Delicacy. I Sever with Blunt Force.”


Mr. Perfect

In honor of Homebody’s posts today where we were enlightened of today’s beauty, today’s Old School Wrestler is going to be Curt Hennig aka Mr. Perfect.

He was 6’3” of glorious golden locks whose life was cut short due to steroids, painkillers and cocaine.  Wrestling legends consider Hennig to be one of the best technicians to ever take center stage in the ring.  He is a former AWA, WCW and WWE champion.  His time at WWE came to an end when he got into a tussle with Brock Lesnar when they are arguing over who has the better amateur skills.  Happens to Homebody and me all the time.   His signature move is simply known as the “Perfect Plex,” and was unstoppable in video games at that time.  When you get inducted into the wrestling hall of fame by Wade Boggs, you know you are a beast.

Al Snow


Talk about a loony mother fucker!  This dude was maybe the craziest bastard rasslin’ had to offer in the 90’s.  Anytime you use the gimmick as a schizo who carries around a mannequin head, it is wrestling gold.  Watching him wrestle on TV wasn’t the first time I caught myself yelling, “WE WANT HEAD! WE WANT HEAD!”  He also used to come out to different countries native music, with his song sang in their language.  He also might be the only person in history to have a hardcore match against himself.  Ahhh, I miss this crazy son of a bitch.




Goldust reminds me of an old college buddy, I don’t want to use any names….Non John.  You gotta love a wrestler who is known for groping his opponents in a suggestive manner and showing some affection towards them.

Goldust also had a fairly attractive woman on his side, Marlena.  All she did pretty much was smoke a cigar outside the ring while he wrestled.  She can smoke my cigar anytime she wants to…..okay, too cheesy, I know.  Val Venis, who WILL be on this segment later, claimed to have knocked her up, sparking a feud between Val and Goldust.

He didn’t have one single signature move, he used many different ones.  Here is a little video with his top ten moves.  Nevermind 2 and 3, those are moves Dustin Rhodes used when he went to TNA under the name Black Reign.

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You can’t forget Mini-Goldust                                                                                                      


Old School Wrestler of the Day

A couple of buddies and I were talking this past weekend about old school wrestling and it brought back some fond memories.  So, I got to thinking that I would do an “Old School Wrestler of the Day” segment.  There is no particular order to how I am going to do this, just whenever someone pops into my mind.  If you have any nominations, send me an email to

The first wrestler to come to mind is Sid.  You may also know him as Sid Vicious or Psycho Sid.  He is from “wherever he damn well pleases!”  I don’t think I ever liked him for one second of my childhood as he was always the bad guy, and he was always feuding with the Hulkster.  He is also known for making the “Powerbomb” popular, always a good one to use on the trampoline.  And he ruined the set of Brutus the Beefcake’s barber shop.  What an ass hole!!

I read online that he got fired pretty much for a hotel scuffle incident he had with Arn Anderson, where he stabbed Arn in the chest and stomach with scissors.  Damn Sid!

If you have any other memories or anything you would like to throw in, put it in the comments.