I seriously almost puked after seeing this on Tosh.0.


Look out Bruce Lee

Please, God, let this man be from Kentucky…


Quote of the Day:  “I can’t help that she wants me to put my nunchuck in her mater can.”

Horrible Month

This has been the worst month ever for posting… we will come back, and come back strong like bull.  For now, enjoy this hilarious video.

Rhett and Link

I’m sure by now you all have seen the Red House Furniture Commercial.  It is a real commercial and Rhett and Link are the ones responsible for it.  They just make funny music videos.  They are pretty solid.  I think my favorite from their website is “PhatDippin Rap”  Here is the Red House video incase you have been in a coma.

I miss college part 2

This spoof video describes Homebody and mine’s 5 years of school with our fraternity brothers.  Enjoy!


I miss college


so true

so true

College was awesome.  I miss it daily.  The Kid saw this on Deadspin.  Steph Curry, just holdin’ it down and Asher Roth ain’t got nothing on these dudes.


Asher Roth – “I Love College”


Steph Curry and Crew – “I Love Commons”

Born to Hambone

Steve Hickman is an animal.


These guys on Hee Haw were just ahead of the times.  A little hambone mixed with beat-boxing before it became cool.