Is this funny?


I’m leaning toward funny, not racist…  This is supposedly a Barnes and Noble display, but who knows.


Should I be a Bengals fan?

They flat out blow, they let TJ Houshmandzadeh hit free-agency, and they franchise tag the frickin’ kicker.  WHO DEY BABY!!!!!!!!!!

A-Rod homers

A-Rod is showing everyone he is one of the best baseball players we will ever see, even though he is off the roids.  He went yak today in the Yankees’ first spring training game.

Josh Hamilton ditching dip

Josh Hamilton rids himself of another demon.  This time, it’s dip.  My favorite excerpt from this article is this:

“You know it’s bad when your 3-year-old holds up a water bottle, and asks if daddy spit in this before she drinks out of it,” said Hamilton, referring to his daughter Sierra. “That’s when you know it’s a problem.”

Every time I try to hate the guy, something like this comes up and youjust gotta love him.  I remember the one time I tried dip, the room started spinning and I was puking for the next 3 hours.  Now, if I smell that stuff I get sick.

Elliot County basketball team getting national attention

Like I said earlier, Kentucky just produces talent.  Pat Forde gives another shout-out to the state of Kentucky in this article.  It is a real nice read.

They are the Xavier of high school hoops.  No football squad but a hell of a basketball team.


"We rock that flat bill here in Sandy Hook, son!"



So apparently there is a new style of underwear taking over the world.  This excerpt is from their website: “FOXERS are women’s underwear with the waistband design from men’s boxer shorts. Essentially they serve as a way for women to have the comfort and style of boxer shorts but still look and feel sexy. When wearing FOXERS you might be asked “Are you wearing boxer shorts?” You can proudly answer, “not boxers, FOXERS” and (if you dare) show a little more of what lies beneath.” 

I think I like these.  Weird idea, but I think it works.  I don’t think they are my number 1 style of underwear for women, but they are up there.  But then again, they encompass many different styles.  The debate is on.  Lace is always a plus, but for now my top 5 list is as follows:





3) Garters






Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects

Baseball America has released their Top 100 Prospects for this season.  Lexington Catholic’s Ben Revere comes in at 59 and EKU’s Christian Friedrich comes in at 95.  Kentucky is just producing talent.