USA 7’s


I don’t know anything about Rugby.  And much like Soccer, Rugby gets no coverage in the U.S.  So, since I have a friend and a former High School Soccer teammate that is on the National Rugby Team, known as the USA 7’s, I am giving a shout out.  Don’t ask what USA 7’s means, cause I don’t know.  Apparently my buddy, James Gillenwater, is pretty good at whatever it is he does for the Rugby squad.  He is on the cover of some magazine.  I think he’s a starter.  He has his own cheering section. Here is an excerpt from about the USA 7’s:

“With only seven players per team playing on the same size pitch as a 15s match, sevens rugby offers a spectacle of non-stop action where speed, skills, and athleticism rule the day. The USA Sevens Team is coached by Al Caravelli and had a successful 2007 season, winning the Cup and going undefeated at the Bangkok Sevens in 2006; while at the USA Sevens, the IRB’s fourth stop on the Sevens World Series circuit, the Eagles won the Shield trophy.  These successes, as well as the overall record of the team, have prompted the iRB to promote the USA and add two additional stops on the iRB circuit…”

I think the Sevens World Cup is getting ready to start, so hopefully the US can come away with a title.  I don’t know if we have a shot or not, maybe we are the favorites?  But anyway, just wanted to get a post in about Glasgow High Schools own, dominating the world of Seven Man Rugby.

So, big ups to James ‘Gup’ Gillenwater.