Top 10 Hottest TV Moms

#6- Ali Larter

Also known as Niki Sanders/Jessica Sanders/Tracy Strauss/Gina from Heroes.  Now, this is another show I am not all that familiar with, so I can’t tell you why or how she is four different people on the show, maybe she just has split personalities, who knows and who cares, she is pretty smokin hot.  A fun fact about her role on Heroes, she is a single mother and her child is Noah Gray-Cabey, aka Franklin Aloysius Mumford (the piano playing kid next door on My Wife and Kids).  I’m sure most of us know her from her other roles in Final Destination, Final Destination 2, and Varsity Blues where she made every male crave a whipped cream topped dessert.

Top Five soon…


Worst X’s and O’s coach in college football?

I know I may be overreacting to the current 21-0 beating USC is taking from Oregon State, but it happens.  Pete Carroll might be able to recruit, but there is no way USC should ever lose a game, not this year, or any year.  They should easily make it to the national title game year in and year out.  Carroll pretty much fields an NFL team to play against a mediocre conference, the Pac-10.  The sad thing is, I even think Carroll knows he isn’t that good of a coach.  He gets offered almost every NFL position that opens up, and he never takes one.  Most people would feel the need to take on a new challenge, but not him.

Well let’s see if the Beavers can pull this one out.  I wouldn’t be completely surprised if USC comes back to win this game.  But if they don’t, prepare for an SEC-Big 12 suck-off session from the media for the rest of the season.  I CAN”T WAIT!!!!

Maybe Pete should go see Dr. Lou.  THE DOCTOR WILL YOU SEE NOW!!!



Adios Millen!

Today is a glorious day for the Detroit Lions and their loyal fans! Matt Millen has done nothing but make a bad team worse. The Lions haven’t been even remotely decent since the greatest of all time – Barry Sanders – left after the 1998 season. In Millen’s tenure, the Lions never reached the playoffs, compiled an abysmal 31-81 record, finished last in the division all but 2 years, and never won more than 6 games before last season. He was absolutely atrocious as a GM and CEO and the Lions let things get too bad before letting him go.

Just look at the moves he’s made in just the last few years: Trade Shaun Rogers, let Dre Bly and Boss Bailey leave, sign Jon Kitna as a starter, pick up Rudi Johnson, release Kevin Jones, fail to let J.T. O’Sullivan play and then let him go to San Francisco and become a starter.

So now the Lions have Jon Kitna at QB and Rudi Johnson at running back. Um, did Millen notice that these were guys even the Bengals thought were trash? In what world do you let Kevin Jones go and get Rudi? The only thing Millen has done right in his tenure is draft Calvin Johnson. I actually support the signing of Rudi, BUT, and this is a big BUT, only as a supportive back to grind out goal line carries and short yardage situations. You still need a premier back. Did he ever even consider picking up Michael Turner? I never heard of any interest the Lions had in him.

No QB, no real solution to the running back situation, no offensive line, good wide receivers (but no one to get them the ball), no D-line, no LB’s, no secondary. So now what?

First thing’s first, perfect the zone blocking scheme for pass protection and for running the football. I mean absolutely hammer this into the O-line until it’s instinct. Solid offensive line play allows the offense a chance to succeed. Without blocking, there’s no use in even stepping onto the field. With zone blocking, it’s all about assignment instead of talent. If everyone works together, the system works for itself. Denver hasn’t had a steady running back for years and no matter who they put in the backfield, they succeed. Between Smith and Johnson, I think there is enough there to have a successful running game. Next, put the leash on Kitna. He threw 20 interceptions last year and fumbled 4 times to tally the most turnovers in the league. He needs to be a game manager and minimize turnovers. The ball should stay in the backs’ hands because the defense is too bad to allow on the field too much. If you want to get crazy with play calling then do it with screens, reverses, end arounds, and flea flickers. Don’t do it by letting Kitna throw the ball all over the field. Keep the other offense off the field and you have a shot at keeping them under 20 points and a shot at winning. The only other time you allow Kitna to let the ball fly is when Calvin or Roy are clearly on a mismatch. And if Kitna can’t keep the ball out of the other teams’ hands, then let Drew Stanton play. Kid has a big arm, good mobility, and a great head on his shoulders to be able to decide which weapon to use. Plus, he might as well get some experience if you’re not going to be winning. And no offense to Orlovsky, but I don’t think he’s the answer.

For the defense: I don’t even know where to start. I think you have to switch to a Cover 2, at least until the talent level on this side of the ball gets better. Keep teams from having a big play against you and getting up early, and you can’t possibly leave the corners out on an island against good receivers. The cushion the corners have to allow for will give the safeties a little longer to read the play and figure out run vs. pass which will help in run support. On the D-line, find one guy who can get penetration and let him fly. Whether it’s at the ball carrier or the QB, let him create havoc and adjust game plans to what he’s able to do. If you can get one guy in the backfield consistently, you can do so much more with your other front six. Try some zone blitzes to add to the confusion. Find creative ways to change the opposing QB’s look so he can’t find a rhythm. Hell, even switch to a 3-4 if need be to allow more speed and more flexibility in your blitz packages. Anything is worth a shot when you’re looking at being the worst defense in the NFL two seasons in a row.

There’s always a scheme and a way to win with the talent a team puts on the field. The Lions might as well start trying to mix it up or else they need to start looking at the best defensive players that will be available next April.

Does everybody know what time it is?


As a die hard Home Improvement fan, I watch atleast 6 episodes per day.  There are a lot of chics on that show, and I always think to myself, “I wonder if she is hot now.”  Well turns out, one of them is.  Randy’s girlfriend towards the end of the show, Lauren,  is now a babe.  Her name is Courtney Peldon, and if you know me, you know I like tiny chics, so she is right up my alley.  Now you can be like me next time you see her on the show, and feel bad for having impure thoughts about a 14 year old girl.  Just messin’….but seriously…



Here are some pics of what she looks like now….

Clay Aiken Gay? NO WAY!

In the upcoming issue of People magazine, Clay Aiken is announcing…dum-dah-dum…that he prefers an outty rather than an inny. Jeez, this is like coming out of a glass closet. What’s next? The cops find weed on Lil’ Wayne, or dogs trained to sniff out little boys are attracted to the Neverland ranch? Come on, give me some real news people…er, People.

Hank Baskett, you lucky sum bitch

Want to know what it takes to pull in hot ass?  You just gotta be a 4th string wide receiver in the NFL.  Hank Baskett is said to be engaged to “Girl Next Door” Kendra.

I tip my cap to you Hank.  Good luck getting her into an Eagles jersey.

Well, she’s hot til she starts laughing.  It’s annoying as hell.


The season premier of The Office comes on this Thursday September, 25 2008 on NBC at 9:00 Eastern.  The Office is one of the top 3 shows on TV right now so if you are not watching it, you should be.  It is a laugh a minute and just completely outrageous.

P.S.  I was out of town last week and forgot to make a post about another huge season premier.  The new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia started last Thursday.  It will also be on TV this Thursday on FX at 10:00 Eastern.  This show is ridiculous.  The things the characters get into are so out there, you can’t help but to laugh.

The Office

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia