Something neat…

I didn’t know that the little girl (Enola) from Waterworld is the same chick (Deb) from Napoleon Dynamite.

waterworld enoladeb


XBOX-Project Natal


This is CRAZY!  Maybe the coolest thing EVER!

It’s A Girl!


The Beast Makers

The "Beast" Makers

Candace Parker gave birth to a baby girl.  Candace is the WNBA’s reigning MVP and Rookie of the Year and her husband ,Shelden Williams, is a member of the Timberwolves and former Dookie.  The Kid and I have talked about this.  This kid is going to be an animal.  She will be at least 6’7 and a pure athlete.  Will the UK Women’s Basketball team offer a scholarship already?  And while we are at it, can the UK Men go ahead and lock up the kid of that James LeBron guy?


Found this video of Candace Parker’s kid just minutes after birth.  She can’t quite get up on her own just yet, but come on, she is only like 10 minutes old.

J-Tim is the Pizza Man…

and delivers everytime!  He hosted SNL for the 3rd time this past weekend and killed it.  I like him better as an actor than a singer.  I literally laughed out loud and cried a little…


Surgery Center


Immigrant Tale 

Barry Gibb Talk Show 



Rhett and Link

I’m sure by now you all have seen the Red House Furniture Commercial.  It is a real commercial and Rhett and Link are the ones responsible for it.  They just make funny music videos.  They are pretty solid.  I think my favorite from their website is “PhatDippin Rap”  Here is the Red House video incase you have been in a coma.

Rihanna Naked


Kinda old news, but someone has leaked naked pictures of Rihanna.  We already knew she was smokin’, but these just show her in all her glory.  Nice nipple ring too.  I would put them on here, but not sure if that would fly, so here is a link (NSFW).


Just watched Slumdog Millionaire for the second time.  Solid, solid movie.  If you haven’t seen it, go rent it.  One of the few movies that has one the Oscar for Movie of the Year and actualy deserved it.  Plus, the hottest Indian alive is in it. Freida Pinto is smoking hot and we have the same day of birth (year and all).