2nd worst day of my life…..

Austin Kearns has been traded to the Yankees.  The only thing in my life that has sucked more is when the Reds traded him for Bill Bray, Royce Clayton, and Gary Majewski.  I am sure the Indians got the Yankees’ top 4 prospects in return but that doesn’t soften the blow.

My idol, my hero, and my favorite player now dons pinstripes.  I don’t know what to do…..


My Hero

I love Wally Backman.  Enjoy.


Strasburg hurt…..already

Stephen Strasburg has already inched his way closer to becoming Mark Prior part II, as he was scratched from tonight’s game.  The Nats manager says it was precautionary, and the MRI revealed no structural damage but some inflammation.  If the Nationals are smart, they shut him down for a little while with a DL stint, and then hire Dusty Baker to be their manager next season.

Pat White a Spankee

The New York Yankees just drafted Pat White in the 48th round of the MLB Draft.  Since they can’t beat the Red Sox for anything, I guess they are going to try to implement the Wildcat into their offense.

the blog is back

I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend.  Yes,that is Third Eye Blind, but it is also the best way to start my first post in over a month.  Obviously, The Kid takes a leave of absence to throw his life down the shitter get married, and the blog just falls to shambles.  Well everybody, I am back.  But anyway….

Is there a better way to kick things off than to pick on a buddy?  Of course not.  Well I am sure everyone has heard about Bret Michaels’ embarrassing injury he suffered at the Tony’s, video here.  Yes, that is embarrassing as hell.  But the Hustle has made a move that pisses all over that injury in terms of embarrassment, in my opinion.  In our 12 team keeper league, he traded Justin Verlander for Elvis Andrus.  Would I have made the same move at the time of the trade, yes.  But I didn’t, so I get to make fun of him.  Just to rub some salt in the wound, let me add some article entries that are circulating around the web of Justin Verlander.

King of the Mountain


Dazzles AGAIN

It’s our fault for the bad behavior or professional athletes, not theirs.


You read that right. It’s your fault. It’s my fault. It’s not the athlete’s fault.

In the last few years, it seems like the trouble that professional athletes have caused has exploded exponentially: countless DUI’s, guys getting tazed, shot, in high speed chases, and caught involved in drugs. Can’t forget about Michael Vick. And I even think I heard something about steroids in baseball the other day.

But honestly, what do you expect? These guys are ticking time bombs that we build from the moment we see talent.

From middle school, these guys are patted on the back and told how great they are and of how great they could be. In high school, they begin to get publicized in the school newspaper, hometown paper, and maybe in the big newspapers around the state. Everything they read and are told is supportive, yet adds volatility; another solder joint in the bomb. After reading about how tremendous he is, the athlete begins to believe it. Why wouldn’t he? At 17, when popularity is the only form of self-assessment, it’s easy to accept that you’re super-human.

Then come the awards. And the scholarship offers. Keep packing on the plutonium. Colleges then give out “free jobs.” The jobs that athletes don’t have to show up to, yet still receive paychecks and no one says a word. Agents and scouts, the guys who pick out talent for a living, start sending illegitimate gift packages while the athlete is still in school. Wrap that plutonium in C4.

Now set the charge by adding national media attention and praise as if he’s the second coming of Jordan, Sayers, and Ruth all rolled into one.

All the necessary elements for an incendiary device are accounted for. Now all you have to do is hand them the detonator and wait for the fireworks. Except this time, the detonator is not a little red button. It’s a lot of green Benjamin Franklins, and a fat bank account.

With the kind of money (i.e. perception of power) that a professional athlete is given, an implosion upon himself is near impossible to avoid. It’s a wonder that it doesn’t happen more often.

They can’t help it. That’s the bomb we built them to be.

Dark day for baseball fans

"That's the guy over there who hooks me up with my shit. Who do you go through?"

With Manny now getting busted, 2 of the best hitters of our generation, hell, of all time, are dirty.  Fertility drug my ass.  I swear if Austin Kearns or Albert Pujols test positive I will give up on baseball forever.