You Lock It Up! – Week 2

So we started out a little rough last week. 1-2-0 so far. But hey, I get better as the season goes on and I have more material to evaluate teams. So here goes, my lock it up picks for week 2:

Packers -3 @Det

The Packers don’t have Favre, yet they still put more talent on the field than 80% of the NFL this year. Rodgers showed some glimpses of being a decent QB last week. Mr. Turnover, aka Jon “Holy Man” Kitna, is bound to have problems with tough blitzes and one of the most complete defenses in the league. He’ll find a bomb to Calvin or Roy, but if the Lions can’t get a first down on the ground – and they shouldn’t – this one could get ugly. Even without Charles Woodson the cheeseheads should be fine, but it would definitely help to have him on Roy, or the best receiver in the league with the last name Johnson.

Bears +3 @Carolina

The Panthers still don’t have Steve Smith. The Bears are gonna load the box and make Delhomme throw to a ball-hawk defense. If the Bears have a running game at all, they take this one by 6. Chicago should win the coin toss, receive, fight like hell to put 3 on the board on the first drive, and then let the defense do what it does. Addai had 12 rushes for 44 yards last week. DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are good, but I don’t think they’re Joseph-Addai-good. Oh, and let’s not forget that the Bears are 7 days removed from posting 29 on a healthy Indy defense that was 1st in scoring defense and 3rd in yards allowed last season.

 49ers +7 @Seattle

Seattle is a tough place to play – It’s right behind Arrowhead and Solider field when it’s cold. Seattle’s D should be better than what it showed against the Bills last week, but that still has to be proven. The problem is that the ‘Hawks have no offense. Hassleback can wing it as good as anyone in the league but he has no one wearing the same color jersey who can keep it from hitting the ground. In week 1, San Fran’s new O-Coordinator, Mike “Let It Fly” Martz showed that he actually is capable of calling a play that involves handing the ball off to a running back, which is a plus. Former Detroit 3rd stringer J.T. O’Sullivan is now starting for the 49ers (that’s why they’re the Lions folks). He’ll have a few problems with a good defense, but the impeccably-dressed Mike Nolan will earn his paycheck and get the young lad through it. The 49ers are actually my pick to win the NFC West this year. I’m not sure SF wins this one, but the only way Seattle takes this one by more than a touchdown is if the 9ers cough up the ball 5 times.

Other picks:

Chiefs -3 1/2 vs. Oakland…Huard scares me against OAK 2ndary, but still in A-Head

Bengals -1 vs. Tennessee…but only because the Ben-gals are at home

Colts -2 @ Minnesota…Peyton goes ballistic if he stays off his back

Redskins +1 vs. Saints…No Colston hurts. Skins impressed me last wk. Get Cooley more involved.

Rams +9 vs. Giants…Giants win. Rams can’t go down by double digits at home, can they?!

Bills +5 @ Jacksonville…Jags looked bad last week. Bills looked great. Interesting matchup.

Falcons +7 @ Tampa Bay…Not sold on TB this year. Turner is the real deal. Ryan needs to minimize mistakes this week against intelligent D.

Cardinals -7 vs. Miami…Miami still bad. Warner still good. When does Henne get chance?

Patriots +1 @ NY Jets…Cassel is good. Favre is shaky in big games of late.

Ravens +4 1/2 @Houston…Houston is relevant this year. Balt and Pitt will fight for AFC North.

Broncos -1 vs. San Diego…Hard to ever go against LT. Merriman loss hurts. Cutler looks like a stud. Can Royal really be that good? Might buy NFL Season Pass just to see this game. Eh, Hooters works.

Steelers -6 1/2 @ Cleveland…Browns show their true colors this year: shit.

Eagles +7 @ Dallas…Rivalry game should be close but ‘Boys still win. If Dallas rolls, my pick for Superbowl hands down.


“No, You Lock It Up!” – Week 1

This is the weekly feature where I give you the sure-fire locks for the weekend’s games. As I’m headed off to the lake with a case of Corona’s underarm, I don’t have much time to give my reasons. It’s kind of like when your parents told you to do something as a kid and you questioned why. Don’t ask why, just do it because I said so.

Jets -3 (@ Miami)

Vikings +2 (@ Green Bay)

Jags -3 (@ Tennessee)

Three teams winning away from home. Usually a no-no in betting. Lock it up! Uno mas cerveza porfa!