SEC getting stronger?

Masoli is looking to transfer to Ole Miss after getting kicked off of Oregon’s squad for marijuana possession and a misdemeanor burglary charge.  He would be able to play without sitting out if he enrolled in a master’s program that Oregon did not offer.  He might be a thug, but make no mistake about it, he is a beast.  Poor man’s Tebow if you will.


UK goes to Ole Miss tonight; 7pm


This voice, with this picture is classic – That’s Andy Kennedy by the way

Today, our boys in blue travel to Oxford to take on the injury depleted Ole Miss Rebels.  I am not going to get too indepth with information you need to know about both teams, I’ll leave that up to the fellas at KSR.

Looking at this game on paper, UK should easily take its SEC record to 6-0 before its brutal last ten games of the season.  I am going to predict the Cats win 76-62.  I have missed the last 2 games by a total of like 6 points, so be prepared for the actual score to be 75-63 or some bs like that.  The only guys that will hurt us are former Florida trash, David Huertas, and Zach Graham.  UK likes to leave guys open from downtown, but I think as long as Huertas doesn’t get an open shot all night, this game will be a walk in the park.  We all know Meeks will get his quiet 30 and Pat will get almost 20, no worries on my end for tonight.

What are the odds that after the game, Billy G and Andy Kennedy go get plastered and then run train on Kennedy’s wife?