Knicks make offer to Shannon Brown

The New York Knicks might have come up short in the LeBron James sweepstakes, but they are slowly rebuilding into a solid team.  So far this offseason, they have acquired Amar’e Stoudemire, Raymond Felton, Anthony Randolph, Kelenna Azubuike, Ronny Turiaf, and Timofey Mozgov.  If they can add Shannon Brown, this could be a team that might be able to land a spot in the playoffs THIS year.

The Knicks starting 5 should be: Felton, Azubuike/Brown, Gallinari, Stoudemire, Turiaf.  That leaves Anthony Randolph, one of Brown or Azubuike, Toney Douglas, and Wilson Chandler to come off of the bench.  I can think of a lot worse rotations in the league.

Listen, the Knicks aren’t going to be a top defensive team in the league as long as D’Antoni is running things, but they will be athletic enough to make some stops and outrebound their opponents.  As for their offense, their front court is uber-athletic, they have one of the best shooters in the league in Gallinari, they have natural a natural scorer in Azubuike, and they have a very solid pick and roll duo with Amar’e and Felton.

I am predicting a 44-38 season, which will probably land them a 7 seed and a matchup against the Magic in the first round.  Write it down!


Marcus Thornton > Jodie Meeks

When the SEC was handing out awards last season, and Marcus Thornton won Player of the Year, I’ll never forget how many Kentucky fans were pissed that Jodie didn’t win it.  Everyone was saying that Jodie was screwed because of the lack of success the Cats achieved last year.  Marcus Thornton proved once again last night why he is, was, and always will be better than Jodie Meeks.

Thornton scored 37 last night off the bench for the Charlotte New Orleans Hornets, including 23 in the 2nd quarter alone, against arguably the best team in the NBA, the James LeBrons.  Thornton is 6th amongst rookies in scoring this season with 11.3 a game.  Jodie has already been traded, and is scoring only 4 points a game.

The only reason I am hating on Jodie, is because it was completely stupid of him to go pro when he did.  He had the opportunity to come play on the best team in college basketball with the best PG, best C, and one of the top 3 PFs.  He would have been shooting wide open 3s night in and night out.  He could have come back, scored 15 points per game, won a national championship, possibly gotten his number retired at UK, and been a top 20 pick in this year’s draft.  The SG crop in this year’s draft is so weak.  The best option is Xavier Henry, and then it drops down to Willie Warren.  Jodie Meeks would eat Willie Warren for lunch, kinda like Marcus Thornton would to Jodie.

Best Day Ever?

Everybody knows about Calipari maybe coming to UK and possibly bringing beast recruits with him; but that’s not the only GREAT news of the day.  Kentucky’s current biggest rival in the SEC potentially just got A LOT worse.  The Florida Gators could be without stud point guard, Nick Calathes.  Mr. Calathes has decided to forgo his junior and senior seasons and jump to the NBA.  He is not getting an agent, so that means he will probably come back, but we can hope.  Even though The Kid is a diehard UK fan, he will probably cry when he finds out about this; he has a huge man crush on Calathes.

All-Star Weakend

The NBA is rigged.  I don’t think I said it loudly enough.  THE NBA IS RIGGED!!!  OK, now I feel better.  This “All-Star” weekend was absolutely pathetic.  The only good things that came out of this sorry event was that the world got to see that Kevin Durant is a beast, and Shaq’s dance (and the clown that fell down). First off, H-O-R-S-E, I mean, G-E-I-C-O was weak, but I will give it the benefit of the doubt, as it was the first time we have had such game. Next time, can we play S-T-E-R-N? The dunk contest was rigged, tell me how does “Superman” and “Kryponite” magically appear in the finals? And why the hell would Dwight Howard allow Robinson to use him as a prop in the finals. Something seems fishy. Robinson did not even clear Howard without a push off his shoulder. Glad to see “Kryponite” be the downfall of “Superman”, once again.
The NBA all-star game was terrible. First off, where were all of the dunks early? The East all-stars were just jacking up threes, and missing with astonishing regularity. Once again Ko-ME takes 23 shots in this game, to get 27. LeBron was LeBrick tonight, missing dunk after dunk, and shot 8-19, including the ‘make way for the king’ dunk at the very end (that he made). I got see Dwyane Wade pull a Nick Calathes at the line (too bad the game was out of reach, though), and I got to see the East quit in the fourth quarter. The East only scored 52 points in the second half! The final was a very unentertaining 146-119 West win. Even worse than the game itself, the MVP award. Once again, rigged. There is no way in hell that Snaq O’meal, and Ko-ME received the exact same number of votes from the national audience. Chris Paul received my vote for MVP. I suppose 14 assists and one turnover (along with 14 points, and 7 rebounds) does not count for anything? All Shaq did was dunk, and Kobe shot 23 times to get 27. Real MVP performances there. The co-MVP was the capper on an All-Star WEAKend.

NBA goes from H-O-R-S-E to G-E-I-C-O??

I doubt I was alone in being completely thrilled when the NBA announced this past Tuesday that they will install H-O-R-S-E into the All-Star weekend festivities.

I learned in this article however, that it will not be called H-O-R-S-E.  The unnamed players will instead play a little game of G-E-I-C-O.  Not sure how I feel about it yet.  I am just kinda worried that my boys will grow up asking me to go out in the driveway for a game of G-E-I-C-O.

I am interested to see who they get to compete in this event.  Hopefully they don’t get a bunch of benchwarmers, they need to make this first version of “H-O-R-S-E” entertaining.