Bengals sign T.O.

I believe VH1 just nutted all over themselves…..oh nope, that was me.  The Bengals signed T.O. today for 1 year and $2 million dollars, and have officially become the front-runners for “most fun team to play with on Madden 2011.”

Palmer under center, Benson running the ball up the gut, Ocho out wide left, T.O. wide right, and Antonio Bryant catching short passes across the middle and racking up mad YAC. And oh wait, a decent TE for a change in Gresham?



Hard Knocks

HBO will be following the day-to-day drinking of the Cincinnati Bengals this year.  Mike Brown better hope his players turn into pussies in front of the camera and actually become accountable for their actions.

But there is no arguing that this isn’t a great fit for HBO.  The biggest bunch of thugs, and the biggest prima donna outside of Terrell Owens, will make this season of Hard Knocks extremely exciting to watch.

Welcome to Cincy

The Bengals just made their smartest draft pick in a while with LB Rey Maualuga.  Over/Under on first arrest is July 23rd.

T.O. a Bengal? Perhaps…

What do you think the chances are of T.O. coming to the Bengals and feuding with pairing up with Oucho Stinko?  Well, so far so good.  Here is a list of 13 teams who have already said, “no thanks.”

My guess is he ends up in New England.