UK vs. UF Recap

So let’s see how close I was to calling this game…

What is the one thing I said UK could not do? Let Florida get up big, early. Bingo.

Our scheme has to be flawless…Wait a sec, did we even have a scheme? Our guys were lost out there.

Play clean football, limit penalties. Ouch. 2 penalties that cost us first downs. 1 that caused us to re-punt and the 2nd punt was blocked for 6.

Play creative, yet conservative. I’ll give them credit, they tried. Sort of. They were conservative in not letting Hartline throw the ball all over the yard. But I really didn’t see any real plan of attack. It looked like simple plays. Run twice, throw on third down, punt. Cobb did throw the ball out of the Wildcat, once. Just a total disappointment on the gameplan.

Conservative alright: 2.8 yards per play.

And listen, anyone that says we played better in the 2nd half, knows very little about football. Florida backed off. They could have scored a hundred if they wanted.

Mike Hartline was the 3rd best QB to play in the game.

I totally missed my final prediction. But then again when the first thing I say is don’t let Florida jump out to a huge lead, and the 1st quarter ends 31-0, I should get a do-over.

P.S. Yes, it’s Florida. But from the play I saw tonight, don’t expect ANY of the SEC games to be any better.

P.P.S. Tebow ran the option 5 or 6 times tonight. As a defensive player, you’re taught to commit to one guy and stick with it. If I’m on D, and Florida runs an option and I have the chance to stick Tebow,  I don’t care if he pitches it and the guy gets a 90 yard touch, you’d have to surgically remove my lid from Tebow’s sternum.


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