NFL Picks 9/27/09

Packers -7 @ Rams

Rams offense isn’t as bad as it has looked, but the Packers will score 5 times on the Rams. No way the Rams score 4 times.

Vikings vs. 49ers +7 and take the under on 39.

This is going to be a war fought on the ground. Neither team gets ahead by more than 7 at any point. Plus, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Niners win outright. And that Viking D isn’t the same as last year.

Falcons +5 @ Pats

This one is a little more risky because if the Pats happen to come out of their funk, they could cover easy. But honestly, the Falcons are a great team all the way around and simply are better than the Patriots. Even if the Pats win it’ll be by 3. No way it is over 5.

Bears -3 @ Seahawks

If this game is in Chicago, they’d be favored by 14. The 12th man is hard to beat, but I believe the Bears could be the best team in the NFC now that Cutler has actually showed some growth.

Saints at Bills for 52 points – Take the over

Both teams score a lot of points, and give up a lot of points. Saints scores for 2 games = 45-27, 48-22. Buffalo scores for two games = 25-24, 33-20. Don’t worry about Fred Jackson grinding this game to a halt. As soon as the Saints score, the Bills will start trying to toss the ball all over the place.

If you parlay these and win, I get my usual 5%. Thanks.


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