Kentucky vs. Florida

Listen, I know this site is defunct, but I don’t give a s—. I’ve listened to morons all week make their predictions about this game and none of them have any idea what they’re talking about. So I have to get this out of my system — and put it on record so I can come back and say I told you so just in case I’m right.

Florida is massively overrated. With that said, they’re still better than UK. Kentucky has forever been inferior to UF and it kills me, but this year is the first year that the Cats have the personnel to hang with the Gators. If our Cats have any hope of winning this game, they have to keep from getting into a shootout. The fewer points scored, the better for us. UK will have to fight to stay in it with X’s and O’s, not Jim’s and Joe’s. Our scheme has to be nearly flawless. So does our play. Limit turnovers and penalties, but that’s the key to just about any upset.

So that means, keep the ball out of Mike Hartline’s hands. If you do let him throw it, you have to make him look good. Make reads easy because last week Hartline was staring down receivers last week. He needs to work his progression. Last week against Louisville, he knew where he was going with the football before the snap and against Florida, he can’t do that. Coack Brooks and Joker Phillips are gonna have to be creative, yet conservative. Sounds tough, but expect a ton of screens, draws, shovel passes, a couple trick plays, and more “Wildcat” formations than we’ve seen against Miami and Louisville. I expect Randall Cobb to throw the ball at least once out of that Wildcat. I think you allow Hartline to take his shots, but only 2 or 3 times and only in the right situations. Give him three shots and if he hits one, it will be HUGE.

So there’s the gameplan… Now how does it work?

Kentucky has to fight early. Fight hard. Play like you only have 3 quarters to play. Because if they can do that, the 4th quarter can be played on pure adrenaline. In any upset, if the favorite lets the underdog hang around, the chances become higher and higher that David slays Goliath the longer that David isn’t knocked out of the fight, e.g. the Louisville game last week.

In the end, UK makes a name for itself by sticking around, but not by winning. Florida wins, 20-17 and the Wildcats still move UP in the polls.

Whew! I feel so much better.

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