Trading the Gorilla Press for a Machete

For my money, the Ultimate Warrior is the best wrestler of all time. I mean did you see him take The Pedigree and get right back up? No one survives the pedigree. And actually, I thought the Warrior was dead and gone like T.I. and JT. But thanks to our friends over at SPORTSbyBROOKS for pointing out that he’s still shaking the shit out of those ropes.

Turns out the Warrior has his own website. If that front page doesn’t get you fired up, check your pulse. Of course, UW has his own blog too, called the Warrior’s Machete.  In his blog, the ultimate one doesn’t pull any punches. In recent posts, he’s referred to Michael Jackson as a “drug-soused entertainment freak” and stated that we’re living, “under the watchful, vigilante eye of the Marxist Obama regime.” But what else do you expect from a blog that functions under the slogan, “Ockham had his Razor. He Shaved with Delicacy. I Sever with Blunt Force.”

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  1. Ultimate Warrior most overrated wrestler of all time.

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