the blog is back

I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend.  Yes,that is Third Eye Blind, but it is also the best way to start my first post in over a month.  Obviously, The Kid takes a leave of absence to throw his life down the shitter get married, and the blog just falls to shambles.  Well everybody, I am back.  But anyway….

Is there a better way to kick things off than to pick on a buddy?  Of course not.  Well I am sure everyone has heard about Bret Michaels’ embarrassing injury he suffered at the Tony’s, video here.  Yes, that is embarrassing as hell.  But the Hustle has made a move that pisses all over that injury in terms of embarrassment, in my opinion.  In our 12 team keeper league, he traded Justin Verlander for Elvis Andrus.  Would I have made the same move at the time of the trade, yes.  But I didn’t, so I get to make fun of him.  Just to rub some salt in the wound, let me add some article entries that are circulating around the web of Justin Verlander.

King of the Mountain


Dazzles AGAIN


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for VERLANDER!

    and the reason the blog is back is because the other two bloggers currently have ‘jobs’, but hopefully all 3 will soon…

  2. No way could I have seen that coming. I even told “The Kid” that when I watched him, I thought he had it and he was just barely off. And that if he settled down, he could be the best pitcher in the bigs…I hate being right all the time. FML.

    But Homebody, gotta give you credit where its deserved…

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