The Magic get no love!


Okay, it’s starting to piss me off… Everyone is talking about how Lebron’s teammates are failing him and how Magic aren’t a championship caliber team. Hey numbnuts, they’re up 3-1 on your King, and if not for the Moe Williams 3/4 court shot, and a Lebron fadeaway three, the Magic would be doing the happy dance already. If anything, like the Celtics last year, the Magic (and the Nuggets) are proving that you need more than one guy to make it to the ‘ship. Sure, the NBA is an individual sport during the regular season, but once you get to the postseason, you better have a good TEAM. Even when Dwight struggles, the Magic are still a good enough team to win. If Lebron or Kobe struggles, the Cavs and Lakers have no shot at winning. And don’t give me the BS that all the games are close. Yeah, but who’s always the team that has to fight to even stay in the game, and who always is trying to pull off the huge shot to tie or win the game — the Cavs. The Magic, among the best in the league this season and in the playoffs in team defense, are better together than Lebron James is by himself. Give them some freakin’ credit already.


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  1. P.S. We need the Cavs to win tonight so that The Kid gets free tickets to game 6. So hopefully Moe and Big Z read this and it lights a fire under their ass.

    P.P.S. My official prediction is the Magic win in 6 and then go on to do the same thing to the Lakers.

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