Never trust a GNC salesperson…

Jeremy Jarmon

Jeremy Jarmon is ineligible for the 2009 football season for failing a drug test. Turns out, GNC reps are full of shit. Jarmon was told by the sales person at GNC that the supplement he was buying to help recover from his shoulder injury was legit. Wrong. The supplement had a substance banned by the NCAA in it. Now, you can go on and blame Jarmon for not checking with the training staff before taking it but I’m totally on his side on this one. If you work at a GNC and are getting paid $6.50 an hour to talk about drugs, you should know your shit. Especially when a 6-3, 277 lb. sack master is gonna be making a return visit to his local GNC to  reward you for the great advice you gave him. Run and hide dude. Run and hide.

P.S. This is the same scenario that happened with Phillies’ pitcher JC Romero. But at least Romero’s didn’t hurt his draft status.

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