Sam Keller…

is a douche-bag.  This mediocre former college quarterback from Nebraska/Arizona State has filed a lawsuit against EA SPORTS.  He is suing because EA used his likeness in the video game, NCAA Football.  He said they might not have used his name or face, but the QB for Nebraska when he was there was from his hometown, same height, same weight, same number, and had a wristband halfway up his left arm just like he wore.  The same for the ASU QB when he was there.  Also, he said when you type in the player’s name, the announcers say the name.  The worst part about this, is supposedly he has a strong case…  Here is one link about it.


I even look like a douche-bag

I even look like a douche-bag

My take on this is… shut the fuck up you greedy, punk-ass bastard.  There is only one reason and one reason only why someone would do this… MONEY!  I would kill to have my “likeness” on one of the most popular video games of all time.  He is just mad cause he thought he would be a big time player in college and the NFL  and he was decent at best in college and didn’t even get drafted in the NFL.


On a good note for EA SPORTS.  Madden 2010 will be out on Aug. 14th.  I like the new cover.  


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