Reds shut out Astros, 3-0

The Reds got their third shutout victory of the season.  Yeah, that’s right, THREE.  That is pretty impressive to hear as a Reds fan.  Last year, it took them until September 17th to get their one and only shutout.

Edinson Volquez looked like an f*ing stud tonight.  When his gas has pin-point control, and his changeup is on, you can’t beat him.  He struck out 6 over 8 innings, which is the longest outing so far in his career.  After getting off to a worrisome slow start, he has gone for 19 innings and 20 K’s with a 1.89 ERA.  That’s what I like to hear.

Adam Rosales got the start at third and made an immediate impact.  He went 1-2 with a walk and 2 RBI.  The guy also showed that he has a cannon.  Laynce Nix got the nod in left, and continued to be productive at the plate.  I swear this guy sees around 6 or 7 pitches every time he grabs a bat.  Going 2-3 with a RBI, and raising your batting average to .310 makes it harder for Dusty to keep you out of the lineup.

Day off tomorrow — Buccos on Friday

Astros Reds Baseball

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