Time for Adam Rosales?

The Cincinnati Reds are off to a decent start so far into this young season.  This weekend’s series against the Braves however, has been a laugher.  With the bats struggling, when is the right time to bring someone up to provide a spark?  That person, in my opinion is Adam Rosales.

The guy is mashing in Tiple-A for the Bats, going 1-4 tonight lowering his average to a measley .397.  He also has 4 bombs and 11 RBIs.  He plays shortstop, 2nd base, and 3rd base, which is perfect because I am not the biggest fan of Edwin Encarnacion.  The poor guy is hitting .145 with one homer and 6RBI, most of that coming on one swing of the bat with his grand slam against the Brew Crew.  Watching him in the field is a journey.  He makes incredible plays one second, and the very next play will throw a ball into right field.  Signing him to a 2 year extension was probably the dumbest thing we did this offseason outside of not acquiring a right-handed power bat.

I just think the time has come to make the call to get Rosales in a Reds uni.  Let us know if you think there is a better solution.

13 Responses

  1. I would love to see something happen at 3rd with the reds. I was also at the game on Sunday and like what I see with Janish in the lineup instead of Gonzales. Defensively probably not as good but our problem is scoring runs and keeping Edwin from ever trying to throw a baseball.

  2. I totally agree. I cringe everytime Edwin comes to the plate or gets close to a grounder. With the lineup Dusty’s been running, it was only a matter of time before Bruce was going to start getting pitched around. The intentional walk tonight to load the bases which led to the titanic play in the batter’s box was sick.

    One question…who is the CP that I’m seeing people refer to on various reds blogs?

  3. What are they saying in reference to this CP person?

  4. the only CP I can think of is Corey Patterson, but I think he is in the Nationals organization on their Tirple-A team

  5. I was seeing it on Cincinnati.com (Cincinnati Enquirer Sports). They’re talking about him being a good bat. Possibly a replacement for Edwin E. One guy said he thought CP could be “easily obtained”. I just can’t figure out who or what they’re talking about.

  6. “the only CP I can think of is Corey Patterson, but I think he is in the Nationals organization on their Tirple-A team”

    You might be right. I was hoping it was somebody to be excited about though.

  7. Yeah, the CP they are talking about is Corey Patterson. They were being sarcastic saying our lineup is so weak that he would even be a solid hitter in it.

  8. Hey “The Kid”…what do you think about Rosales. Is it realistic to shake things up at this point?

  9. I honestly think you have to. With the front office’s refusal to make deals with other teams, that is what the farm system is for. The guy is absolutely mashing in Triple-A, what else is there for him to do. At least call him up for a couple weeks and see what he does. We already know he is a better defender than EE, there is no way he hits worse than .140. We just HAVE to do something about Edwin, signing him to a 2 year deal before the season was retarded.

  10. no doubt about the re-signing. What kind of trade do you think could be made for EE?

  11. any other team would be stupid to make a deal for Edwin. We have Rosales and Hairston that can play third.

  12. well I guess a DL stint takes care of that for awhile.

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