One day and 2 rounds down, one day and 5 rounds to go.  There were a few trades that went on today, but none with Braylon or Anquan.  There were a bunch of winners today and only 1 true loser.

Day One’s Biggest Winner


  • Rams – The Rams had a great day today.  They picked 2nd overall and took OT Jason Smith from Baylor.  Dude is a stud and might actually give Bulger some time.  Then their other pick of the day was #35 overall.  With this pick they took Road Warrior James Laurinaitis.  If he would have came out last year he would have been a top 15 pick.  Pretty sure he had 3 straight years of 100 plus tackles while at Ohio State, so not too bad.  Even though they had a good draft, the Rams will still blow next year.  They might even blow enough to get Sam Bradford next year, who knows.

The Kid’s

  • Seahawks– I was leaning toward going with the Bengals here, but the crappy pre-draft of Andre Smith steered me away.  With their first round pick at #4, The Seahawks took the best player in the draft, Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry.  Pairing him up with Tatupu and LeRoy Hill gives them a stacked linebacker crew.  In the second round, they went with C Max Unger, who will produce for them right away in opening holes for Julius Jones and protecting Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s brother-in-law.

Day One’s Biggest Loser


  • Raiders – This is the only team that was absolutely terrible.  They had the #7 overall pick.  They wanted a WR.  They passed on the only WR in the history of NCAA football to win the Biletnikoff Award 2 times in Michael Crabtree.  They also passed on Jeremy Maclin, Percy Harvin, and Hakeem Nicks.  They took Darrius Heyward-Bey with that pick.  Then with their next pick (#47 overall), they took a Safety from Ohio, Michael Mitchell.  The catch with this pick is Mel Kiper, didn’t even know who this was and they didn’t even have a 40 time for him.  What a joke of a franchise.

The Kid’s

  • Buccaneers– The obvious losers today were the Raiders, as their front office proved to everyone why having a top 10 pick every year is a hobby of theirs.  I had to go with someone different than Homebody, so I am going to go with the Bucs, who traded their 1st and 6th round pick to move up 2 spots to 17th overall.  With that pick they took Kansas State QB Josh Freeman.  To be honest, I had never heard of the guy before Draft time came around, and he played in a conference where everyone hung off the QB’s sack.  The Bucs desperately need a D Tackle and Linebacker help, but went with Josh Freeman.  Yeah he may be a gift from God in terms of physical stature, but there is no way is the future face of the franchise.  As I told Homebody earlier today, if only Andre Woodson was a year younger, surely he would have been a first rounder today.

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  1. and of course the Seahawks pull back their franchise tag on LeRoy Hill this morning to make me look retarded here

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