Battle of the hair colors… Hybrid

This squad has all the talent you could want.  We will call them the Yankees.  All-Stars at almost every position.  The meat of this lineup has Hall of Fame potential;  Keibler, Bundchen, and Refaeli are all power hitters in a stacked lineup.  If you were the manager of this team, you couldn’t ask for much more.  Not to mention the lead off is Jennifer Aniston followed by Jessica Biel…  You can’t really pitch around anybody in this lineup.  This squad is a virtual toss up with the Blonde and Brunette squads.  It will hurt me to do this, but the Hybrid squad is gonna come in 3rd of 4.


1. Jennifer Aniston

2. Jessica Biel

3. Stacy Keibler

4. Gisele Bundchen

5. Bar Refaeli

6. Kelly Carlson

7. Eva Mendes

8. Leslie Bibb

9. AnnaLynne McCord


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