You wanted it, you got it…

Ask and you shall receive.  The RtW faithful wanted to see if The Hustle was telling the truth about his girlfriends titty balls and they are about to find out.  Here at RtW we give the fans what they want.  Who cares if it took us 8 months to get it done;  it got done.  So if you would be so kind as to rank these fun bags in the comment section, we would greatly appreciate it.  Give them a 1 if you have seen better tits on a Boar and a 10 if you think these things are the finest milk wagons known to man.


List of 138 Slang terms for Breasts.


5 Responses

  1. It’s about time. however, I could stand to see a little more. I will give them a 7 and you should have made her show them off at the lake.

  2. 7 possible 8

  3. I can’t believe my boobs are under S’s and G’s…They Should at least go under Hello Ladies!!!

  4. i rate them a 10—-you all only wish you could see the rest!!!!

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