Cleveland Cavaliers, your 2009 NBA Champions

Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers for wrapping up the best regular season record in the NBA.  More importantly, they will have homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs, which is huge, seeing they have gone 39-1 at the Q.   Besides having the best player in the league, they also have another most valuable player in David Stern.   If the Boston Celtics and the Cavs are in a dogfight, the Cavs will undoubtedly get a 50-50 call down the stretch.  With the Lakers possiblly winning the West, why wouldn’t David Stern want a Kobe versus Lebron matchup?  Imagine the ratings!  As we all know, the NBA is rigged, and this season will be no different.  Look no further than the all-star game this season.  My Lakers are going to play Cleveland in the finals, and will lose in six games, because Lebron is better than Kobe.

However, the Cavs better get over that dancing, because they will likely be playing the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.  Ray Allen and some other Celtics felt disrespected when the Cavs were dancing and partying during a REGULAR SEASON game.  Like Louisville, the Cavs have the number one overall seed, and they dance before, during, and after games.   It is surprising to see that the Cavs would be dancing during a game that is meaningless to the opponent (which likely explains the lopsided margin), and again, is a regular season game.  Dance when you win the championship, not in game 81 of the regular season.


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