UK is screwed next year

Well, I guess we can only hope that the 2010-11 season brings home title number 8, because after the report of Michael Porter leaving the team, we will be lucky to win a game next year.  Cousins, Wall, Meeks, Patterson, Miller…..they are all a moot point without the leadership and direction from the PG spot that Mr. Michael Porter offers to the team.  John Calipari will probably be run off after a 10 win season next year, because hell, Adolph Rupp couldn’t come back and coach a Porter-less team to the promise land.

In all seriousness, I wish him the best.  The poor bastard was taken out of position, played 30 minutes a game, and booed by his home fans on a daily basis.  And there was nothing he could do about it.  He did everything the coach asked of him and probably a little more.


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  1. don’t forget that he knocked down some clutch 3’s this year… when open, the boy could pop…. except for that fade away 3 in the corner that he air balled to lose the game for us… but he was feeling it that game

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