North Carolina Tarheels, National Champions, again

As much as it pains me to say this, congratulations to the North Carolina Tarheels for winning their fifth national title (no, Helms’ titles do not count).  Right now, they are the gold standard of college basketball.  They have been to an insane nine final fours in 19 years (yes, I know Duke went seven times in nine years), and 18 finals fours in all, tops in the nation.  Additionally, they have been in the tournament 41 times, and have reached the final four at 44% clip!  They have a top five recruiting class coming in, so Carolina will keep rolling.  I don’t think anyone can talk about Roy Williams being a choke artist, as he has won two national titles in four years, as much as I cannot stand him.  The North Carolina Tarheels will likely become the nation’s leader in all-time wins, as UK has the lead by four games.  Hopefully Calipari will bring Kentucky to the level that North Carolina is.  Once again, I say congratulations to the North Carolina Tarheels.

One consolation, Tyler Hansborough will no longer play college basketball.  I will not have to hear about how great Tyler Hans-travel is.  Moreover, I won’t have to watch him get calls game in and game out.  He is the biggest prima donna since Joakim Noah.  I cannot stand Tyler Hans-travel, and I cannot wait to see him get owned in the NBA.  Carolina is my least favorite team, but they will be rockin’ again next season, especially if Lawson comes back to Chapel Hill.  Here’s to hoping that he does not.

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