First, I love infomercials.  I am really good at picking out the good products and the bad products, just ask my mom.  I would love to own the ShamWow and the Slap Chop.  Even though I would not use either, but I know they would work well if i did use them.  However, Vince is annoying.  He wishes he was a good/cool as Billy Mays.  Billy Mays is the KING of selling shit on TV; he brought us OxiClean, Orange Clean, Orange Glo, Mighty Putty, Kaboom and countless others.  But anyway, Vince was arrested for flogging a prostitute. Don’t believe me?  Here it is…


p.s.  Look out for that GREAT quote in the Slap Chop Video Link.  “You’re gonna be in a great mood all day, cause you’re gonna be slapping your troubles away…”  Believe Vince took that to heart.

p.s.s GREAT quote in the ShamWow Video Link: “It works wet or dry.”  The hooker don’t work like that.


One Response

  1. Vince is definitely way cooler. He persuaded me to ask for Shamwows on my wedding registry. The only thing I like about Billy Mays is that ESPN commercial.

    ROCK ON VINCE!!!!!

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