RB Ryan Moats pulled over for DWB

Poor guy was in a rush to see his dying mother-in-law and got pulled over for DWB.  While being interrogated, he didn’t get the chance to say any last words as she had already passed away.

This is why cops are douchebags, except my former college roommate.


One Response

  1. Moats ran a red light, didn’t pull over imediately, it was at night, the people in the car got out of the can and kinda ran… the cop didn’t know he was a NFL player, they could have had guns on them… plus 4 cops just got shot in Oakland last week on a routine stop like this one.

    There is a video of it on the web. The cop did the right thing at first, then started making mistakes. But Moats deserved to get pulled over. just unfortunate about his mother in law

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