Add Ameer Ali to the thug list

Ameer Ali is another player who does not deserve to be playing college basketball.  I was lucky enough to see the Oklahoma take on Morgan State, online in the computer lab.   For those who did not see the play, Ameer Ali and Blake Griffin had their arms locked up, and instead of letting go, Ameer Ali decided to pull a WWE move on Blake Griffin.  He flipped Blake Griffin over, and Griffin fell hard to the ground.  Although he was fine, he was still in some pain.  Having already suffered a concussion, and a blow below the belt, there was plenty of reason for concern.  Ameer Ali was immediately ejected from the game.  Too bad he is unlikely to be suspended, since this was the last game of the season for Ali and the Morgan State Golden Bears.  Ameer Ali must have been frustrated, since he and his team were being absolutely owned by Blake Griffin.  Blake Griffin only missed one shot in 12 attempts, on his way to his 27th double-double this season.  Ameer Ali should take his beating like a man, and he should also count his blessings.  Blake Griffin should have punked him out, but Griffin was the more mature one by not retaliating.  Add Ameer Ali to the list of players who do not deserve a basketball scholorship, such as;  Leonard Washington of USC, Aubrey Coleman of Houston, Walter Hodge of Florida, and a few others.  Coach Todd Bozeman defended his player, stating that there was no intent, despite the opposite being quite obvious.  Anyone who watches the play can clearly see that the intent was there.  Todd Bozeman is quite the shady character anyway, so it would not be surprising if he asked Ali to take a cheap shot on Griffin.


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  1. Ironic that Ameer Ali was the name of an actual terrorist Thug. He not only needed to be thrown out of the game, but should be thrown off the team to go back to the streets of Philly where his talents might be more appreciated. Maybe Bozeman can go with him and grade his performance there.

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