UK game at Memorial

"How do my nuts taste beeyotch?"

"How do my nuts taste beeyotch?"

I was lucky enough to have amazing seats tonight for the UK/UNLV game.  I was two rows behind Jimmy Dykes and Brad Nessler, got tons of airtime, and I got to watch my boys in blue pull out the W.  Tonight might have been the best day of my life.

I have been to tons of games at Rupp Arena, and nothing compared to the atmosphere tonight.  This just goes to show that UK has the best fans in the world.  We support our team more during an NIT game than any other group of fans would at the Final Four.  Here let me prove to you with a couple of Facebook statuses of UK’s players…..

Adam Delph was lovin it in memorial forget rupp

Patrick Patterson “enjoying lexington”

Perry Stevenson is best crowd ever, memorial is the shiznit.

There really is no way to describe how I feel right now.  Throughout the entire game, I had chills.  This team seemed to play with a type of swagger and confidence that I haven’t seen since our cakewalk schedule we had in December.  I took a buddy of mine with me to the game who doesn’t even like Kentucky, but when we left the game he talked about how exciting it was.

I really want to write about how much fun I had, and how crazy the atmosphere was, but I am completely speechless.

Here is a clip of Perry Stevenson’s dunk where he puts his nuts all in some dude’s mouth, mixed with the Usher-esque dancing of the notorious old dude that dances at every game.


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