Biba Golic

Biba Golic or the Anna Kournikova of table tennis (except she wins) is hot.  I have seen pictures of here before and never knew who it was.  She is one of the best Female Table Tennis (Ping Pong) players ever.  She even went to college on a Table Tennis Scholarship, who knew they even had Collegiate Table Tennis?  I don’t think she plays professionally anymore and she is only 31.  I listen to ESPN Radio Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 4:30 at work and she was on Mike and Mike the other day.  But any way, just wanted to post something about her because she is a beast Ping Pong player, Foreign, seems funny, and is hot.  And all of those attributes make her that much hotter.  She was also in “Balls of Fury“, but I don’t remember her.

Here is the video of her on Mike and Mike:

There are other videos of her on YouTube actually playing.



Here is her Wikipedia page.


One Response

  1. The obvious joke here is “I’d let her paddle my balls,” and no one went for it. For shame.

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