RtW has a superstar on its hands

Yes, me.  Well, not really a superstar, but for a college graduate that can’t find a job to save my life, I will take what I can get.

Last night, I camped out for UK NIT tickets, and in the process was put on the news multiple times, and interviewed here by UK Athletics’ new blog.  Scroll down to the very bottom story on that page, and you will find me.

The only thing that sucked about last night, well other than freezing my ass off, was having to be surrounded by the typical rednecks that people associate with Kentucky.  They were from Casey County, and all they did was say the F word 10 times per sentence and continually fart, and I guess in Casey County farting is the most hilarious thing in the world.  A couple of them had no teeth, so their tongues just hung out of their mouth….very attractive.  Anyways, they were scalpers who weren’t even interested in going to the game.  They tried to cut in front of me and some other people, and The Kid wasn’t standing for that.  For the rest of my life, I will hate Casey County.

Sexy beast

Sexy beast


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  1. This happened 5 years ago also with the EKU-UK game camping out for tickets. I think 3 different newspapers we were quoted in and on the Lexington news.

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