College Basketball Dream Team

Homebody came up to me with this scenario….

If you were a college basketball coach, and your AD came up to you and said, “I am giving you one year, you have to win a national championship, or you are out of here,” which 8 players would you bring in?  Throw out all the transfer rules or whatnot, and pick any 8 college ball players.  You also have to fill out a starting 5, and then have 3 subs.

I am going to post my starting 5, followed by Homebody’s…..

pg- Ty Lawson, UNC

sg- James Harden, Arizona State

sf- Terrence Williams, Louisville

pf- Blake Griffin, Oklahoma

c- Hasheem Thabeet, UConn

subs: Stephen Curry, Desean Butler, Patrick Patterson

Ty Lawson can penetrate through any defense, can make any pass, and he shoots 47 percent from downtown.  Harden can do it all as we know.  Terrence Williams might be the most athletic guy in basketball, who just has a knack for the game.  Blake Griffin is the consensus #1 pick.  You gotta have Thabeet on your team.  If UConn didn’t have him this year, I think they would be fighting off the bubble.  Off the bench, I love Steph Curry.  He is a pure scorer that can play the 1 and 2.  Desean Butler is an athletic wing that can do it all.  He is a poor man’s T-Will.  And Patrick Patterson is a freak of nature.  You don’t realize how good he is playing for the Cats, but you can’t pass up his athleticism and hands.  If you surround him with this squad, who knows how unbelievable he would be.

Here’s Homebody’s picks……

pg- Johnny Flynn, Syracuse

sg- Jodie Meeks, Kentucky

sf- Sam Young, Pittsburgh

pf- Blake Griffin, Oklahoma

c-Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut

subs: A.J. Abrams, Marcus Thornton, DeJuan Blair

Flynn is a beast pg.  Can get to tin just as good as anyone, and he actually finishes.  Also averages 6 dimes per game.  Meeks is the best 3 point shooter in the nation.  His stroke is pure, and with this line up he will get open looks.  He can also drive the lane and be a solid defender.  Sam Young can do it all.  Slasher that has a decent stroke.  Griffin will be the AP Player of the Year and the #1 pick.  Can’t go wrong with a 20 ppg and 15 rpg guy.  Thabeet would just be a terror on the glass and an enforcer in the paint on D.  The teams would not dare go in the paint with him in there and if they tried, their shit would get thrown.  My 3 subs.  Abrams is a scoring pg.  He has the quickest shot in the nation.  All he needs is an inch, and he can get his shot off and chances are it’s going in.  Marcus Thornton, he is my slasher off the bench.  He averages 20 points a game, and can score in any way imaginable.  DeJuan Blair is just a fat body that is an animal in the paint.  He owned Thabeet this year in their match-ups.  Solid rebounder and finisher.  This team is full of winners, and that is exactly what they would do come March.

Let us know where we messed up and who you would have on your squad.

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