Thank you Billy Gillispie

Year in and year out, on a glorious Sunday afternoon in mid-March, the NCAA Selection Committee unveils which teams will compete in a Battle Royal for a national championship.  As soon as the selection show is over, millions run to the nearest printer, and print out as many copies of the bracket as they can.  The most exciting part of the NCAA tourney is filling out multiple brackets and entering them into pools in hopes of winning a crap load of money.  Every year when I get done filling mine out, I notice all of my brackets have one thing in common.  And that common trait is having my University of Kentucky Wildcats winning it all.

Call me a homer, call me an idiot, but there is just a place in my heart that tells me the Cats are going to show up, play lock down defense, and execute their offense to a T….usually letting me down.  Only once since I started putting money into bracket pools has this game plan worked.

But Billy G has removed that burden from me this season, and I thank him wholeheartedly.  I will not have to pick UK to win it all this year, seeing as how they won’t be in the NCAA tourney.  There is no way I am going to boycott the bracket pools, so I look forward to dominating the competition and bringing home the big bucks.

Thank you Billy G for your lack of adaptability.  Thank you for taking multiple “whuppins.”  Thank you for wasting the rare occassion of having two of the top 15 players in the nation on the same team.  Thank you for being a complete dick to the media.  Thank you for not playing the right guys at the right time.  All in all, thank you for a less than mediocre season.

Thank you coach!  I owe ya one……

youre welcome, Kid

"you're welcome, Kid"

3 Responses

  1. you’re an ass.

  2. Amen brother….I won’t throw down a couple grand to travel and watch this sorry ass team he has put together. Money in the bank! Thanks Billy!

  3. Nice season biLLLy giLLLispie! (one L for every home loss this season).

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