Right Here, Right Now

Huge doesn’t even begin to describe UK’s game against the Florida Gators tomorrow afternoon.  This might be the biggest battle for third place in the SEC East in history.  This game decides whether we play Thursday afternoon at 1, or Thursday night at 9:45.  I prefer the latter of the two.  Getting this 3 seed is CLUTCH.  With the 3 seed, our road to the SEC finals is as easy as it can get.  We would play Arkansas first, Auburn second, and then likely Tennessee in the semis.  Tennessee seems like they are turning the corner, but we have also had their number this season.  I would rather play them than South Carolina.

I know this past week has been atrocious.  Everyone and their grandma is hating Billy G, including myself, but it is time to push that to the side.  Pouting like a little bitch isn’t going to do any good while our boys in blue try to make a run here at the end of the season to avoid missing the NCAA tournament for the first time in 18 years.  We all have to be positive, and show everyone why we are the best fans in the world.

Florida has a young, but solid squad.  They have the tools that tend to usually kill us.  A beast PG, in my opinion the best all-around player in college hoops, deadly outside shooters, and athletic bigs.  We MUST, and by we I mean Billy G, must adjust to this team or bye bye tourney chances once again.  

I am fine playing man-to-man, but mix it up somehow.  I don’t think a 2-3 will help, but maybe switching to it for a couple minutes will confuse them.  Whatever defense we play, stopping penetration is THE key to bringing home a dub.  We MUST block out.  I am tired of seeing Pat and Stevenson admire the shot coming off the rim as an opposing player easily grabs a rebound.  This team will murder us if we allow them to take advantage with second chance points.  

This could be the game UK turns around their season.  Hey for all I care, the season is just now beginning.  This is also a big opportunity for Billy G to remove himself from the proverbial hot seat, and show us all that he actually can coach.  



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