Is Gillispie throwing games?

We all know about Gillispie’ character issues.  This is a Georgia team who UK killed in Athens six weeks ago.  He insists on starting the same guys, even though they are not the best players.  He is reluctant to play his best players.  Harris and Porter should be coming off the bench.  Porter should be on the bench unless he DECIDES to shoot, like he did tonight.  In the start of the second half tonight, Kentucky had all bench players except for Porter.  With that lineup, Georgia put the game away with a 10 point run.  I don’t know what Gillispie was trying to prove with that move.  I have failed to see any blocking out, and I have failed to see any defensive rotation on the shooters. Gillispie has not taught UK how to stop dribble penetration.  This team has not improved, instead, they have gotten worse.  Their offense is bad, and now the defense is as bad as it’s been since the probation years.   There is no explanation for this performance, not only tonight, but in the last six weeks.  Since starting 5-0, UK has gone 3-7.  UK will miss the tournament unless they win the conference tournament (yeah, right).  This season has been an epic failure, and I wonder if Billy Gillispie isn’t orchestrating this implosion intentionally.  This is the worst basketball team UK has had since Rick Pitino’s first season.  Let’s not forget, Gillispie has not signed a contract yet.  He could be on his way out.

Also, last year UK went 7-9 in their first 16 games.  Magically, UK went 12-4 in conference play and went undefeated at home.  There is no way Gillispie forgot how to coach.  Let also not lose track of the fact that UK was 5-0 in conference play, and suddenly lost 7 of 10.  Something crooked is going on with the UK basketball team.


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