Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


First things first, I like Jimmy Fallon.  And last night marked the changing of the guard.  Jimmy Fallon has officially taken over for Conan O’brien on Late Night.  For his first show ever it wasn’t that bad.  He had a star studded guest list with Robert De Niro, Justin Timberlake, and musical guest, Van Morrison.  Any time Justin Timberlake is your second guest, that’s a good show.  Having said that, if Timberlake was not there, the show would have blown.  J-Tim made the show.  Jimmy was horrible at asking questions and didn’t do that well delivering jokes in his monologue.  For the majority of the time he just talked about things he use to do on SNL.  The “Game” he had 3 people in the audience play had a great name, “Lick it for Ten.”  That had endless possibilities, but it was ruined by the objects they had to lick.  A brand new lawn mower, brand new printer, and the outside of a fish bowl.  All three of those are weak as water.  Other than J-Tim, the best part was his house band, The ROOTS.  They were awesome, plain and simple.  Let’s hope he gets better, or he won’t last too long.  I give it a C, thanks mostly to J-Tim.  Here is a look at some of his better material.

 Couldn’t find this on You Tube:

Boston Kids


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  1. it’s Lick it for Ten. and my favorite part was Slow Jammin the News

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