Countdown to March Madness 2

Two weeks left in our countdown to Selection show.   Feel free to disagree with me, but Kentucky is not in the tournament as of right now.  I did not have them in last week, and I sure as hell am not putting them in this week, after losing two games.  Had they made some defensive stops against LSU, then maybe, but they MUST beat Florida and Georgia to even have a sniff. 


(at Philadelphia, PA)

1. Connecticut (Big East) vs. 16. play-in game (Alabama State (SWAC) vs. Tennessee-Martin (OVC))

8. Boston College vs. 9. Texas

(at Boise, ID)

5. Xavier (Atlantic 10) vs. 12. Florida

4. Illinois vs. 13. North Dakota State (Summit)

(at Miami, FL)

6. Arizona State vs. 11. Penn State

3. Wake Forest vs. 14. America (Patriot)

(at Dayton)

7. Syracuse vs. 10. UNLV

2. Memphis (Conference USA) vs. 15. Vermont (America East)


(at Greensboro, NC)

1. North Carolina (ACC) vs. 16. Radford (Big South)

8. Butler (Horizon) vs. 9. Wisconsin

(at Miami, FL)

5. Marquette vs. 12. Davidson (Southern)

4. LSU (SEC) vs. 13. Western Kentucky (Sun Belt)

(at Boise, ID)

6. Gonzaga (West Coast) vs. 11. Miami (Fla)

3. Missouri vs. 14. Stephen F. Austin (Southland)

(at Dayton, OH)

7. BYU vs. 10. Arizonq

2. Louisville vs. 15. Cornell (IVY)


(at Philadelphia, PA)

1. Pittsburgh vs. 16. Morgan State (MEAC)

8. Ohio State vs. 9. Oklahoma State

(at Portland, OR)

5. UCLA vs. 12. Utah State (WAC)

4. Clemson vs. 13. Creighton (Missouri Valley)

(at Minneapolis, MN)

6. Florida State vs. 11. Siena (MAAC)

3. Michigan State (Big Ten) vs. 14. Buffalo (MAC)

(at Kansas City)

7. West Virginia vs. 10. Dayton

2. Kansas vs. 15. Robert Morris (Northeast)


(at Kansas City)

1. Oklahoma (Big XII) vs. 16. Cal-State Northridge (Big West)

8. California vs. 9. South Carolina

(at Minneapolis, MN)

5. Purdue vs. 12. Maryland

4. Villanova vs. 13. Virginia Commonwealth (Colonial)

(Portland, OR)

6. Utah (Mountain West) vs. 11. Michigan

3. Washington (Pac-10) vs. 14. Weber State (Big Sky)

(at Greensboro, NC)

7. Tennessee vs. 10. Providence

2. Duke vs. 15. Jacksonville (Atlantic Sun)


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for your comment on my projections. Unfortunately, a lot of what you said is completely incorrect so I couldn’t allow it

  2. Everything I wrote is correct except the homecourt rule. It has to be MORE than three games scheduled during the regular season. Therefore Villanova CAN play at the Wachovia center since they played only three games. I didn’t realize that one of those games was at the Wachovia SPECTRUM, and not the Wachovia Center. UCONN has played five or six games in Hartford, so they could not play in Hartford.

  3. Anyone want to go to some games at Dayton?
    I might have an avenue for tickets, they won’t be free but they’ll be pretty cheap.

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