Fantasy Baseball


Googled 'Fantasy Baseball' and this came up...  It'll do.

Googled 'Fantasy Baseball' and this came up... It'll do.



I LOVE FANTASY SPORTS!  I allow them to take up a lot of my free time.  I research info about them when I should be running, working out of some kinds, finding a girlfriend, etc.  But, I can’t help it.  I play Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, and Fantasy Soccer.  Those are my main three, but I have been known to play Fantasy Basketball (for some reason I don’t like it even though i love basketball, but NBA is not my thing), Fantasy Golf, Fantasy NASCAR, Fantasy Hockey and then the odd ones like Survival Football and the Pick ‘Em Leagues.  I am a fantasy gamer, if you invite me into a league, it’s a good chance I will join.  If I am at my limit on leagues, don’t put it past me to create a new account just to play.  I play most of these on Yahoo Sports.  I have 5 Yahoo ID’s.  But anyway, onto the reason I am writing this.  Had my first Fantasy Baseball Draft tonight.  One draft down, 4 more to go.  It was an NL only league, my first of it’s kind.  Had the 5th pick.  Feel like I came out the big winner.  My Hitting only has 1 hole.  Hopefully, I can feel that via Free Agency or a Trade, we shall see.  Team Nolan Ryan is as follows:

  • C:  Geovany Soto
  • 1B: Prince Fielder
  • 2B: Anderson Hernandez (hole)
  • 3B: Garrett Atkins
  • SS: Jimmy Rollins
  • LF: Jay Bruce
  • CF: Chris Young
  • RF: Andre Ethier
  • BENCH:
  • Eric Byrnes
  • Mat Gamel (up and coming beast)
  • Andrew McCutchen (up and coming beast)


Now, my pitchers are a little bit sketchy, I’ll admit that.  However, there is potential there.  And if they blow, I WILL improve my pitching, always do.  This portion of Team Nolan Ryans is:

  • SP: Ryan Dempster
  • SP: Josh Johnson
  • RP: Trevor Hoffman
  • RP:Ryan Franklin
  • P:   Chris Perez
  • P:   Kevin Gregg
  • P:   John Maine
  • BENCH:
  • Oliver Perez
  • Andrew Miller

Here’s to yet another Championship (or a Top 3 Finish, as long as I get some hardware)


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